Gucci Hysteria Bag I fell head over heels in love with the ultimately expensive Gucci Crocodile Hysteria Bag. The price is not practical for me at all, but the color, the feel, the shape, was beautiful. I kept staring at it and studying it and I truly think the SA thought he made a huge sale that day. Unfortunately I was just an oogler, not a real buyer. And last week I went to Gucci Bal Harbor and fell in love again, but this time that bag is more affordable, relatively speaking. The Gucci Hysteria Bag is designed with yellow/white patchwork on the front of the bag with black leather on the back. The leather is ultimately sumptuous. I mean super soft, the kind that just melts as you touch it. I kept grabbing the bag thinking it was from Bottega Veneta, not Gucci. This bag has me back on Gucci’s side, in love with a bag that is absolutely fierce. The body is very slouchy, actually allowing the bag to fold over if you carry it with the messenger strap. The Hysteria bags feature Gucci Crest detail. There was still one more of these available at Gucci Bal Harbor but you can also find it online via Bergdorf Goodman for $3150 or plain patent via Saks for $1790.

*Make sure to click on the image to see it larger!*

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  • wgs

    not loving it.

  • Lori

    The solid black patent was alright. The multi color is awful.

  • Maria

    Dont like it..

  • gucci fan

    I love the mulitcolor. It takes a plain bag and makes it pop!. Unfortunately, I don’t have the funds to buy this one.

  • Lynnia

    It is as smashing as it is out of my financial grasp.

  • LucianaW

    I agree with you girls….not for me! :shock: but I like the color and the shape.

  • applecandy

    I saw this bag in the Vegas Gucci store. I agree with Megs. It is TDF in person. Would totally make an outfit. gorgeous.

  • hitchcock blonde

    I love it, Megs. This line really needs to be seen in person – photos don’t do it justice. I ran into this line by chance at Saks and fell in love instantly. It is the softest patent leather ever and just looks amazing. Great post!

  • Nancy

    I don’t know about this purse. While I am a woman who loves herself a Gucci purse, this one just doesn’t do it for me. I think it’s the flower design thingy that turns me off. I’m the type of gal that prefers solid colors even in my collectors purses. Much more attractive than this one. I don’t think this bag is worth the asking price.

  • hal

    well well sometimes i do love the classic girl in her beige jimmy choos saba or her epi louis vuitton speedy in noir but you have to break out of the mold once in a while and be brave and just trust your gut instinct. Yes. i may be of the same guard that champions the prada james jean cervo lux purse, yes but i also love my chanel 2.55 purse as well. Frida Gianini has been churning out fantstic designs, some may be off according to my personal barometer but not the hysteria. My mom and sister herself is a fan of the roomy hobo. they possess permutations from fendi and furla (dont know whether you have this brand in the USA) but you should give the more design conscious hysteria a chance. MY BET IS YOIU WILL LOVE IT :smile:

  • inia

    its okay.. :D

  • charmed girl

    its hideous lol where has the world went to now days :roll:

  • Jamie

    When I first saw this purse I thought it was a dark navy color with yellow and white and I fell in love! But I just found this and saw that it was black, it changed my mind completely!

  • Shirley

    i don’t like this bag.
    The color combination and such were great but i prefer the small hysteria bag much more.
    the small hysteria bag is simple yet elegantly beautiful..

  • shine

    Personally speaking
    i like new set of 2009 gucci
    and don’t like new set of louis vuitton–Louis vuitton Joke series
    I see them on,although it will dare the classic monogram canvas handbags

    2 weeks ago,i bought one from it ,it ‘s so exaggerated

  • KerisianJ’cquell

    I like it. The yellow and white brings it out & if you know fashion your love it too.!

  • The Kid

    Not loving the yellow tapestry design but I recently bought a white leather one (NOT patent leather) and the leather is TDF!! The bag in real life is really beautiful and I was so please when I opened the box! Bought if from eBay (yes, had it authenticated first by tPF, of course) for $600. It’s my new favorite Gucci!!!