Gucci GG Pastel Reminds Us That Beach Season Is Coming

Featuring four new hues and the GG Maxi logo print

There’s this seasonal shift that happens after the holidays, one that leaves many of us still in the throws of winter weather while mentally planning for spring and summer. It happens quick, that click over from cold weather jackets to dresses and a new color palette. And if you’re already planning your spring break and summer ensembles, Gucci GG Pastel is here to make your dreams into reality.

The GG motif was previously given the maxi version on other bags, shoes, and accessories but within the classic house colors. This time, we see various items offered in a rainbow of pastel hues, including mint, lilac, banana, and pink. Each of these is offset with camel jumbo GG canvas, providing a fresh take on the House’s heritage monogram.

A Pastel Update

Many of the classic bags we’ve come to love, from smaller essential carries like the beloved Ophidia Shoulder Bag to this highly usable everyday tote, are offered in this color treatment. If you are a Gucci Princetown Slipper lover, you have options here as well (which I really am quite fond of).

As for me, I tend to really love pastels when it comes to accessories, and spending most of the year in Florida only furthers my love for this color palette. Though these items feature a maxi logo print, the beige canvas paired with the pastel makes it feel more subdued.

Gucci Ophidia Shoulder Bag
Gucci Ophidia Shoulder Bag

My favorite of the lot is this Gucci Ophidia Shoulder Bag. The camel and mint color pairing stands out in an eye-catching way, and this bag is far more spacious and practical than you’d think. The interior offers an open pocket and smartphone pockets, plus the shoulder strap is adjustable and can be used cross-body. Price is $1,790.

Gucci GG Pastel Continental WOC
Gucci GG Pastel Continental Wallet On Chain

If you want to opt for something smaller, there is this continental wallet on chain that gives the right splash of color for under $1,000. The chain strap is removable, so this fits in your larger bags as your daily wallet, or give yourself a hands-free option and remove the strap. Price is $980.

Gucci GG Pastel Bucket Hat
Gucci GG Pastel Bucket Hat

This bucket hat feels very White Lotus (season 2, of course) in the best way possible. There’s a purple, pink, and yellow option and different sizes. Price is $590.

Ophidia Jumbo GG Top Shoulder Bag 2
Ophidia Jumbo GG Top Shoulder Bag
Ophidia Jumbo GG Top Shoulder Bag 1
Ophidia Jumbo GG Top Shoulder Bag

Lastly, I’m really taken with this Ophidia Jumbo GG Top Shoulder Bag. The structured body, which is offset with the pastel yellow leather details and Maxi GG print, come together in a really striking manner. It feels like sunshine, and who doesn’t want to feel like their bag has the ability to bring some happiness. Price is $2,900.

This GG maxi motif with various pastel hues is available online for 48 hours before it hits stores. So, if you aren’t headed to a Gucci boutique anytime soon, you can buy this now before it releases to anyone else.

Shop the entire GG Pastel selection now!


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