Every brand uses exotics in a different way. Nancy Gonzalez crocodile looks different than Balenciaga crocodile. Chloe python looks different than Carlos Falchi python. And Gucci python is my favorite of all. Somehow, they manage to find skins that look somehow fuller and more touchable than some of their peers, and it’s always clear that their bags did indeed come from a living reptile. And I feel like it’s at least a bit more respectful to the animal to make a bag that really highlights the natural beauty of the skins that are used.

Gucci Galaxy Python Hobo

And Gucci has maintained their history of beautiful python bags with the Gucci Galazy Python Hobo. Sometimes natural patterns can be hidden when they’re done in black, but the finish here has a bit of a shine to it, so it reflects enough light that the scale differentiation is easy to see. Some brands treat their bags in such a way that the python scales lay perfectly flat, which has clearly not been done here. I’m sure that that sort of treatment makes bags for durable, but it also makes it feel less luxurious to me, so I’d rather that part was left out, even if it means the bag won’t last quite as long. I’d rather have it be as beautiful as possible for as long as that look will hold up. Buy through Saks for $3500.

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  • papertiger

    I love most of Gucci’s fall bags this year and though I’m not a natural fan of python for its own sake this is a truly scrumptious bag.

    • Douglas Todd

      hey papertiger, when was the last time you bought something worthwhile or did something good for the world? probably never, which is why you want a purse that costs an arm and a leg. yikes get a clue. and stop using words like scrumptious.

      • papertiger

        Someone needs a life partner…or maybe just a life :D

  • NZA

    This is absolutely gorgeous!!

  • Kara

    I would remortgage my house for that baby!

  • otter

    Oh goodness. Do I need a new bed, or this bag? Dang it! Dang it!

  • bagKrazy!!!

    i heart!!!really exotic!

  • michaelstjames

    Gucci’s fall collection is amazing! I LOVE this bag!


  • fashionistaO

    Tighten the belt and get this bag now … will last longer than other investment … love any thing python. Have the Prada python messenger and python convertible clutc/cross body … it’s a no brainer. Definitely no knockoffs on anything python, can trick the hand or the eye.

  • DL

    Wow, it’s a beauty and I don’t even really like pythons…

  • Merve

    I wish I could buy this but im still a no on exotics.

  • chirpy_gal

    Its awesome…. a must buy…. nothing more to say :)

  • Eva

    Ooooo…this beauty is to die for!

  • Jennie


  • mariam

    I love this bag!!!

  • Gg

    It seems to be really Large?! How to pair this w dress?! Or only with jean??
    Yet nice nice texture!

  • beanyce126

    python is not for gucci. (ipad)

  • Barbarossa Leather

    The best looking bag with this pattern!