gucci-crocodile-hysteria-bag.jpgThe craze over the Gucci USA Flagship opening was unprecedented. Many people wanted to see the store, but most wanted to grab one of the coveted Gucci Loves New York bags. This limited edition line of bags are completely sold out, but the excitement surrounding the store still exists. Today we wound down with a trip to Gucci, as it is about half a block away from our hotel. The store is HUGE. Floor one carried many bags, but floor two and three did not disappoint either. The thing is, lately I have not had much love for Gucci. The brand is one of the most recognized luxury houses in the world, and while their ready-to-wear has been amazing, the handbags have been lacking that special touch that I need. The Hysteria line brings a fresh touch to Gucci, giving it the extra nudge that it needed to get me back on board. The Gucci Hysteria line drops the expected Gucci GG logo and brings in the family crest. The emblem adds the perfect touch that is not expected but much appreciated. And with New York being the new US Gucci flagship, the handbag selection is to die for. I have never seen so many exotic Gucci handbags. Everywhere we turned there were ostrich bags, python jackets, and crocodile skins. My absolute favorite was the $300,000 Gucci Crocodile Trunk. The trunk is a taupe crocodile and a stunning collectors piece (not to mention it is the only one of its kind). Going along with the crocodile craze, Gucci took one of its best bags of the season and dressed it up in yellow crocodile, creating the Gucci Crocodile Hysteria Bag. This is unlike any other Gucci bag I have seen in the longest time. The crocodile is buttery soft as it is taken from the belly of the crocodile. The inside is lined with goatskin that is even more supple. In fact, if they could make me a big pillow out of this exact material that would be heaven. This bag had the perfect slouch, the perfect chic feel, and the color was stunning. Only problem (for me at least) is the $37,500 price tag. I love this bag, love it so very much, but the price tag is way out of my range. Instead I could settle with the goatskin version ($1950). Saks also offers a python version for $3990 and a patent version for $1790 via Saks.

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  • katkooty

    Looveeeeeeee… but its way too steeeep

  • Cindy Maher

    VERY pretty bag! Love the yellow color.

  • gloria

    is there any pics of the one with the goatskin?

    • I don’t see any of the goatskin/leather online… not even on . But it was available at the store on 5th Ave. You could call there. It was in white, but they may have other colors!

  • Tina

    I love it!

  • savvygal @ savvymode

    love the yellow. I also have not “contribute” to the economy via Gucci in a while. I think I will pop in to look around.

  • Fashion-in-the-making

    love the color, love the handbag its being a while gucci. Keep it up. We might start to like you

  • mette

    The yellow one is just as nice as it´s price. The black python version isn´t bad either.

  • jane

    i can’t help but be reminded of the Keropi(?) character

    from Sanrio when looking at the yellow bag :roll:

    but nice!!

  • dela

    I don’t think I have seen crocodile that looks so soft and luxurious.

  • llson

    I love this style — very nice!!

  • LucianaW

    I like this shape, but not so much!

  • crystal handbags

    Its a really nice bag but personally I like crystal bags better. They’re just so much more stylish. I guess thats just my taste I like flashy bags. So crystal bags are the bags I recommend, but this one is very nice as well.

  • Kelly

    I saw this bag at Gucci store. Can’t not tell if it is quite fashionable.

  • annon

    :???: goat skin? gucci ought to be ashamed of themselves, the fur/skin trade really is disgusting, and i think people who are buying the bags and wearing the clothes should know how that product came to the shop shelves…

  • It has a common look. Not easy to match on anything you wear.