Gucci Limited Edition 2008 BannerFor this year, Gucci announced a special limited 8-8-2008 collection of just 8 fashion accessories that will be available exclusively through Gucci Hong Kong and China stores. The special edition pays homage to competitive sports and is supposed to epitomize sporty luxury, according to Gucci creative director Frida Giannini. Cornerstone of the campaign is the new I-Gucci watch, which is unique to the 8-8-08 campaign in both coloring and sporty appearance. It also happens to be the first digital time piece Gucci has ever released – its digital face is capable of displaying both numerical and clock-hand formats. Other specs include a 44 millimeter steel frame casing, a red monochrome rubber strap (embossed with Gucci’s iconic GG pattern on its inside) and selection of multiple time zones.

Gucci 8-8-2008 Campaign

The 8-8-2008 collection also features an unlikely accessory in form of a bicycle. The bike is built for leisure and sports bold red double GG leather details such as the seat and the handle bar grips. On a personal note: Being somewhat of a bike fetishist myself, I feel like the Holland-style bike defies the whole concept of the campaign. If the collection is conveying a sporty spirit, why not collaborate with a real competitive race bike maker such as Specialized and give Gucci lovers a real sport toy for their money’s worth? I suppose my perception of “sports” are quite a bit different than the creative department at Gucci envisions. Judging their frail Chinese campaign model, his stature and lack of sporty appearance, entirely justifies my criticism of the nature of the campaign. In my humble opinion, this collection’s ties to competitive sports should have been dropped for the sake of real athletes around the globe.

Gucci 8-8-2008 Bags

Moving on from an athlete’s rant, the limited collection also features two pieces of luggage in the bold red “La Pelle Guccissima”. The first is a study leather duffel bag and the other a soft-leather messenger bag with Gucci’s Green-Red-Green web on its shoulder strap.

You can view the full limited edition here, while this page offers an exclusive video, giving insights into the shooting and creation of the campaign pictures. As mentioned, most items will only be available through Gucci boutiques in HK and China, the I-Gucci watch will be available globally.

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  • Emma

    The model isn’t just anyone. He’s actually a very famous actor in China, so I wouldn’t criticize their choice of the spokesperson defies the concept of the whole campaign.

  • fashion-in-the-making

    Who cares about the spokesperson I dont want to buy him, I want the product, and these product suckssssssssd….Is it hot pink, or magenta….same bags in different color

  • devlo

    Love the red product line. Love how the model looks. :grin:
    Male models nowadays are sporting a leaner, skinnier look that is definitely a different aesthetic appeal then the beefier D&G, Abercrombie & Fitch type. Gotta like his Diesel look.
    Who knows? He’s got the build of a swimmer, runner so who are we to question what sporty looks like?

    • I appreciate your comment devlo. However, I was a competitive swimmer on an international level and I assure you, he does not have the build of a swimmer.

  • nini

    frida is so smart that she make the use of the olympic effect and chinese famous actor. chinese attach importance to the olympic. it will be sentimental to every chinese.

  • sm1

    I’d have to agree that the comment about the model was a little unfair. As most people know, Asians are usually small in build. So, who’s to say that the model they chose could not represent an athlete. Runners and soccer players are usually lean and soccer is a huge Asian sport. Another example of how most men think bigger is better.

  • Cinx3y

    I definitely agree. Gucci was definitely smart to use a lean Chinese actor. If their target market is the Chinese people IN China..then it makes sense to sell them a look that they think is desirable. And the skinny look on guys is actually desirable. With that said,I am quite fond of the sneakers.

    • They should have hired a popular Chinese athlete then, especially in the times of the upcoming OG ’08 in Beijing.

  • Jahpson

    I like that line, especially since red is a favorite color of mine. however I am not athletic at all. and I assume this sports line is generally for males?

  • SereneO

    “For this year, Gucci announced a special limited 8-8-2008 collection of just 8 fashion accessories that will be available exclusively through Gucci Hong Kong and China stores.” Unquote

    That’s the reason why they chose a bicycle. Cos they’re selling the collection in China and HK exclusively. And what do you see on the roads when you visit China? Dozens and dozens of bicycles! You’ll never or hardly ever see a race bike on the roads… it’s just the local Chinese culture and everyday mode of transport.

    • Fair enough. I still do not see the parallels to competitive sports then, which this line is meant to evoke.

  • suz

    :cool: BTW, red is a symbol of luck, happiness, etc. in China.

    I wish the blog didn’t comment on the “frailty” of the model’s appearance – I think it wouldn’t really make much sense in having a big, beefy half-naked man in the campaigns located in China/ Hong Kong. I thought you were all well travelled and would be more culturally aware?

    • The model is on the thinner side compared to most athletes. I would have loved to see a Chinese athlete in the ad, but that is just me. This is a big athletic campaign because of the Olympics, hence an athlete would have been a better choice.

      I still think we are culturally aware, but different opinions make the world go round!

  • Lauren

    Megs, Vlad, i assure you, most chinese men look like this, even some of the most famous chinese athletes, well, maybe except for Yao min. this ‘refined’ look this the ideal look for men in Asia right now, so it makes sense.

  • lisa

    Interesting marketing tactics…a Chinese spokesmodel, a line released solely in Hong Kong and China. Incidentally, the number 8 is considered an auspicious number in Chinese culture because it’s an even number and rhymes with “prosper,” so it’s no coincidence that they chose to name the line this.

  • Caryn

    I think the ad is evocative of old Chinese movies (the era of Bruce Lee) in terms of color, the bicycle, and what the actor’s wearing so I think it will resonate with the Chinese population and anyone familiar with this period in Chinese movie-making.

    As for the actor’s build and choice: Chinese are naturally lean – athletes included – and I believe that actors are a lot more popular in the country in comparison to athletes, therefore the choice of a Chinese actor. All of the famous actors/martial artistes from that era were lean and built the way the actor/model is.

    Perhaps, from the Western point of view, this ad does not make sense, but if, as I presume, Gucci’s creative department opted for this nostalgic (and renown) era in Chinese movie-making, then the actor, colors, and choice of bicycle make sense. High-tech martial arts movies aside, it is probably the most famous era in Chinese movie-history – both in China, and internationally – and I believe that a significant number of Chinese are immensely proud of it.

    Think of it this way: the West still reminisces about the glamour of old Hollywood (channeled in Louis Vuitton’s ads featuring Scarlett Johanssen for eg), so why would it not make sense for the Chinese to do the same?

  • devlo

    Caryn, I think you put it quite elegantly. Vlad, I’m Asian and believe me, I have athletic friends who are quite lean. Anecdotal-wise, I have a half-Korean, half-white friend who plays in a water polo league who’s body type is similar to the model. Course, you can’t see much muscles cause he’s wearing a jacket but you know, different strokes for different folks.

    It’s nice to see Gucci recognizing cultural differences in their advertising campaigns. 8-8-8 is a very serendipitous number for Chinese so I’m glad they’re tipping a cultural nod to their customers. Keep up with the bag scoops, Vlad and Meg!

  • We loved hearing all of your thoughts and opinions!!

    Vlad and I were both college athletes and are used to a different look in an athlete, but that does not make someone less athletic by being lean.

    I do appreciate the ad, but I guess when you show it to once competitive athletes, it seems a bit weak from the sports side, know what I mean?

    • suz

      While I understand your point since I was born and raised in the US, I was taking issue with the word “frail” since it has negative connotations. I love my Asian brothers and rose to defend them. Besides many Asian women (can’t speak for other races) love the long lean look of the spokesmodel. Are my preferences obvious? :wink:

      Besides, I dated an Asian lacrosse and soccer player while at Cal and he had a similar build as the man in the ad. He couldn’t bulk up unless he took supplements, which I’m glad he did not!

      Also, if perhaps if you tried to imagine the perspective of the different market they are targeting (Chinese athletes and general population) perhaps you can compromise or concede your point a just a little bit?

  • Caryn

    I get what you mean! :)

  • thewomanwarrior

    I don’t mean to be rude but your comment about the “frail chinese model” was very vague and could be taken the wrong way, especially by Asian Americans such as myself. Furthermore, athletes come in all shapes and sizes. Basketball players tend to have the lean ectomorph frame while football players or track & field athletes have a mesomorph frame.

  • snow

    well…i think the model is Chinese famous actor+singer “Wang Xiao Ming” :smile:

  • Kalra

    Is it limited edition? Don’t love the color but likes the model.

  • Julia Rose