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Carrie Bradshaw Embraces Gucci Ancora

SJP was just spotted on set with a $14K Gucci Jackie...

When it first debuted on HBO back in 1998, Sex and the City was considered to be a revolutionary show given the context as a whole, but also the show’s styling, which at the time was very out-of-the-box.

Few shows have had as profound an impact on pop culture and fashion as Sex and the City, and the introduction of the And Just Like That spin-off in 2021 once again brought the show’s foursome back into our consciousness.

New Bags and New Faces

We’re now two seasons in, and filming has just begun for the third season, which will see the departure of some old faces and the addition of some new ones. Miranda’s storyline will receive the most change, as ex-Che Diaz and friend Nya Wallace will not return to the show this season.

Still, we know that all eyes will be on the fashion, and Sarah Jessica Parker gave us quite the thrill last week as filming kicked off in New York. Very in character, SJP was spotted giving major Carrie vibes, wearing a baby pink tiered skit and a Tiffany blue blouse with shoes to match.

To top it all off, the look featured a crystalized Gucci Jackie from Sabato De Sarno’s Gucci Ancora debut collection. The white leather bag, which is embellished with clear and colorful gems, retails for a cool $14,000. But what is $14K when you’re Carrie Bradshaw?

In seasons past, Carrie has carried everything from bird bags (yes, you read that right) and the revival of the Fendi Baguette (obviously) to obscure vintage carries. If this season’s first bag-sighting is any indication, Carrie has clearly expanded her collection, and we can’t wait to see what this season has in store!

We predict at least one Fendi sighting, probably an oddly shaped receptacle of sorts and much to be envious of. What bags would you like to see on-screen this season?

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5 days ago

The most cringe show of all times.

5 days ago
Reply to  NYCgirl

Why Cringe?

6 days ago

Love the color coordination!

4 days ago

Is it just me or are the articles missing dates as of late?