A Look at Gucci Men’s Fall 2023, the First Collection Post-Alessandro Michele

Signature bags are reimagined, reinvigorating Gucci's most emblematic House codes


After much speculation, legendary creative director Alessandro Michele departed Gucci in the fall. A successor has yet to be named, but as they say, the show must go on, and go on it did. Gucci presented its Men’s Fall 2023 collection last week, kicking off Milan Fashion Week Men’s with a bang. Designed by the House’s current creative team, the collection is described as an act of collaboration, reflecting the individual personalities of the creatives who make up the House of Gucci. It’s the joint effort of their imagination, skills, and diverse knowledge.

Odes to House History

The presentation fosters individuality, conveying the idea that it’s how an individual wears a garment or accessory that injects the item with personality and not vice versa. As is to be expected, inspiration is pulled from the archives this season. Crystal GG, which is a new interpretation of signature monogram canvas from the 1970s, is applied in vibrant colors to workwear, bags, and even shoes. Its name comes from the lacquered shine finish. Other nods to House history, like the Piston Lock and the Horsebit, appear throughout.

As for the bags, brand signatures are reinvented in soft and unstructured versions, making their runway debut for Fall/Winter 2023. Vintage-inspired silks are tied around bags, meant to express a personal touch and again exude the idea of individuality. A magnified version of the House staple Jackie bag appears this season with a softened construction and finished with the Piston Lock, originally created during the Tom Ford era. Models walked with a massive version of the new Attache slung over the shoulder as well. In keeping with the theme of reinvigorating house codes, the Dionysus is stripped of its structure this season, appearing in a colorful GG monogram, shearling, and more. This collection is just a taste of what’s to come from the new Gucci.

What do you think? Discover bags from the runway below, images via Gucci.

Gucci Men s FW 2023 1

Gucci Men s FW 2023 3
Gucci Men s FW 2023 5

Gucci Men s FW 2023 2

Gucci Men s FW 2023 6
Gucci Men s FW 2023 7
Gucci Men s FW 2023 8
Gucci Men s FW 2023 9
Gucci Men s FW 2023 10
Gucci Men s FW 2023 11
Gucci Men s FW 2023 12
Gucci Men s FW 2023 13
Gucci Men s FW 2023 14
Gucci Men s FW 2023 15
Gucci Men s FW 2023 16
Gucci Men s FW 2023 17
Gucci Men s FW 2023 18
Gucci Men s FW 2023 19
Gucci Men s FW 2023 20
Gucci Men s FW 2023 21
Gucci Men s FW 2023 22
Gucci Men s FW 2023 23
Gucci Men s FW 2023 24
Gucci Men s FW 2023 25
Gucci Men s FW 2023 26
Gucci Men s FW 2023 27
Gucci Men s FW 2023 28
Gucci Men s FW 2023 29
Gucci Men s FW 2023 30
Gucci Men s FW 2023 31
Gucci Men s FW 2023 32
Gucci Men s FW 2023 33


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  1. Hervé Avatar

    I really enjoyed this collection, from the RTW to the bags. It’s nice to see Gucci depart from the AM aesthetic.

    1. Zoe Avatar

      I loved it as well.

  2. KittyRFP Avatar

    I’m sorry but what is this? I thought the point of firing Alessandro Michele was to take things in a new direction. If they were hoping that an individual or collective would rise to the top with a vison to drive things forward (like Alessandro did post Giannini and Ford) – it looks like bad news.

  3. spoiledinseattle Avatar

    The second bag (messenger-style) – SWOON!

  4. Fabuleux Avatar

    So many gorgeous menswear pieces!!!

    1. Zoe Avatar

      Yes!! ❤️

  5. Sandy Avatar

    I liked so much of what AM did for Gucci. I do like this collection, wearable pcs relevant to what most of us wear in our day to day life.

  6. SonShownu Avatar

    sooo, mostly just oversize women’s bag?

    1. Klara P Avatar
      Klara P

      I thought the same thing.

    2. Helena Avatar

      A bag is a bag… we’ve moved on as a society from women’s bags vs men’s bags… Haven’t we?

    3. FashionableLena Avatar

      I was thinking the exact same thing. My oldest son said that they looked like big purses.

  7. Jessi Avatar
    1. Mrs.C Avatar

      Agreed. Meh.

      Uninspired, boring, not special.

  8. Jeff Avatar

    I wanted to hate it but I admit I like it! LOVE the croc Dionysus messengers. And that gold/silver GG belt – I bought it in 2006! How fun that it is bacK! Very wearable collection. I’m into it

  9. Rai Avatar

    Why do they hold duffel bags like a clutch bag? Ugly.

  10. Gina Avatar

    The black Dionysus messenger stopped me in my tracks. Gorgeous.

    1. Kaly Avatar

      SAME!! 😍