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  • Shazwan Mutalib

    Always go with something pink. It would be a good pop of colour in your closet. Just my opinion though, most people would opt for a grey. :-)

  • Jasmin


    • Terri

      Hands down the grey. The pink is too cutsie.

  • ingrid

    Get the grey one Meg…I also on the hunt for a grey bag..

  • kindled

    Pale pink is prettier but I think you could get more use out of the gray one.

  • Amalié

    They are so pretty together – get them both!
    Or get this one – its’ my own, new ‘Falda bag’ and this grey color is amazing! ;)
    (By the way: I prefer gold hardware with grey. It’s less ‘cold’ than silver hardware)

  • AshleyG

    Grey! I’m all for pink but that particular shade has nothing on that gorgeous grey!

  • missarewa

    Get the grey one, I think the bag looks nicer in grey. Also, a grey bag is tiny bit more appropriate at this time of the year. Either one you pick will be fine really, be sure to do a reveal :)

  • Maya

    For fall get the grey b/c it’s safe, classic, basic, easy to match blah blah blah…

    If you ball and have a strong bag game then get the pink one. Grey is for a basic b*tches, like me.

    Side Note: I have that exact grey one b/c at the time i only had black bags and
    wanted something different but now i wished i got the black in shiny
    leather (apparently the shape holds better and doesn’t actually
    scratch) but what I really wanted, still do, is the exact style/color blogger Song of Style has. I has a tint of green i think.

  • KloeF

    I actually like the pink – it’s different (and a beautiful hue at that!).
    Since like you said the bag has ‘reached mass consumption’, I think it will stand out more in the light pink… And it’s just so pretty!

  • cindyo

    I own a pink Fendi and when I got it I thought it was impulse on the color – but after wearing it I find that I love it more because its pink. So I say pink.

  • lavinia

    This is a very tough decision to take, pink is “the color” for this year but grey is a never ending story, so – for me- pick the grey one

  • Trenda


  • shueaddict

    aww, Megs, yours needs to be different, honey. I have seen the pink up close and it just does not suit this bag. I still thing you should go for the powder blue nubuk (they have it on mytheresa)

    • I love this one – but I love blue and have quite a few blue bags, which is why I was thinking no to this one…

      I’m torn, obviously!


        Get ’em BOTH lol! ????

    • Givenchy Lover

      Love the blue nubuck too. I own it, and I can’t begin to tell you how gorgeous it is in real life.

      • shueaddict

        you incredibly lucky duck !!!!

  • Katrina

    I envy you Megs, if you wake up a weekday morning and deciding between two shades of the Antigona is your main worry for the day!
    My head says grey-it’s sensible, matches most outfits BUT my heart says pretty pink- having peeked at your recent reveal of handbags you seem to be a woman of many shades. Go for the pink. Waiting to hear what you finally decided on.

    • I promise this isn’t my main worry for the day!!

      I am exactly torn for both reasons you state. Let’s be honest, I clearly want both! Ha

  • Danielle


  • Guest

    Grey all the way

  • VividTexas

    I love all things pink…Chanel ballet flats, Hermes “Belles du Mexique” scarf….. But….choose grey…because as impractical as it is to spend $2K+ on a handbag, the grey option is classic….the pink is pretty, but more of a spring shade, IMO.

  • SK


  • Bipasha


  • c.Miller


  • Purse esq.

    Grey! The soft pink just doesn’t seem to fit the structural lines of this bag. This is a midcentury modern bag with architectural interest. The pink makes it look more cotton candy, which distorts the lines.

  • Hard choice! I would opt for the black one, but I’m quite boring hehe. I think you should pick the pink one, it’s so cute! And pastels for fall are the next big thing right?

  • Aline B.

    Pink is so cute… but I think grey is more an “everyday color”

  • Bagibagu

    Grey. Not just prettier but color transfer on the pink would be a nightmare.

  • anon

    I know the majority is saying grey, but I think you should go with pink! There’s sooo many grey options with other bags, but how many times have we seen a beautiful pale pink bag?! And pale pink was in your this or that list BOTH times, so obviously I think somewhere inside you, you want pink. Plus, looking at pink makes me more happier than looking at grey:)

    • Amanda

      That’s the first thing I thought – pink has made an appearance in both rounds of polling. I say pink. I’m not normally a pink person, but this is a lovely shade of pink and will stand out in a crowd. Grey is just… well, another grey bag. You already have a million bags and there will always be more grey bags,but pink is different.

  • The pale pink one definetely! It is so pale it almost is a neutral but still so much more noticable and funkier than the grey one. Plus, no one will miss u in the grayness and blackness of fall.

  • lovehandbags


  • Givenchy Lover

    Grey! I just got the same bag (in the medium size), and the color is gorgeous. Amazing for fall and winter. And like you, I really needed a grey bag. It’s a great non-black neutral. Also, you will worry less about dirtying this color.

  • DevChix

    Hands down the grey one! I have my large black Antigona with me today at work and I still love it!

  • Emily

    I think grey is much more versatile. If you get pink, you probably won’t get much use out of it until spring.

    Jemily Life

  • darcel

    grey for sure ….I just every thing looks more luxurious in grey!

  • darcel

    I’ve had my eye on a couple grey bags this season one of which is the mini version of the antigona.

  • Yazi

    Grey is a perfect neutral and is good for summer and winter. Plus I shudder to think what a pink bag will look like after some wear and tear. Pale colours never withstand time well.

  • Ayishaa

    Definetly grey. Grey Antigona is one of the best grey bags I have seen.

  • V

    Ok. I’ve always wanted to be bold enough to carry a pink handbag but I stop myself every time. If you can rock it, do it! But my practical handbag head, which wins most of the time, says grey.

  • hhv


  • ninarella

    Hi Megs, i know a light Grey bag in glazed calfskin was not on your list, but i think it could be the alternative between the dark Grey and the pink bag. Because it is as light as the pale pink one and Grey like the other bag ; ).
    Via Bergdorf&Goodman $1,965.

    • It looks like the same color, or do you think it’s lighter? I’d be up for a lighter grey – the only one I saw was box calf and it scratches so easily…

      • Scarlett

        The box calf is a lot lighter in real life than the goat. I just recently decided between those (the 2 greys) and the pale grey won by a mile, it’s stunning and very versatile. Millions of compliments received. Also the box calf if really suprisingly hard wearing, no colour tranfer even with brand new black jeans and no scratches. Also with the leathers something to bare in mind is how much the bottom sags over time on the goatskin, may not bother you but if it does it might be a deal breaker.

      • ninarella

        i saw this antigona first in this thread http://forum.purseblog.com/givenchy/first-antigona-black-or-pearl-grey-878505.html. it is much more lighter and has a pearly shine really elegant.

    • Brock

      Ooh – I love this one! Definitely not the pink. Too juvenile.

  • Tiffany H

    Get the grey. It looks more sophisticated and I believe the pink will look dated due to the color.

  • Lina Lee

    Grey one of course.

  • Ruhee

    Pink one!

  • Sharon Macklin

    Why would you choose a pale pink bag as your fall bag? I say gray!

  • this is a tough choice…but i would prob go with grey

  • anonymous

    not the pink (color transfer)

  • jordan

    I’m in the market for a new bag! Do I do a Givenchy (but which one? Pandora or nightingale or antigona?), or Balenciaga (but I have 7 already) or Proenza (but I love their neon colors, and I really do need a black bag). Help me purse experts please!

    • jordan

      and for you I think the grey is much prettier than the pink. The pink is pretty, but is to easter-ish for me/springish.

  • Renee

    Wish I had your troubles…no brainer,
    Grey all the way.

  • Marnie

    Grey. Anyone over 5 years old should never wear pink.

  • cbl

    awww you eliminated the light beige?? i got that one and i loooove it!! i love it more every time i use it! both grey and pink are pretty, but so different! grey feels more masculine while the pink is super sweet (and the light beige falls perfectly in the middle! ;))
    if i had to choose between the two though i’d probably go with the grey. but i still think you should reconsider the light beige (i know, i’m SO annoying!!)

  • mdirgins


  • mbt

    grey is better so you can use it all year round. I love grey and it is one of the few neutral colors that will fit with different outfits. Go for the grey one.

  • princess


  • Renae

    Either will be beautiful, you can’t go wrong – but for wearability go for the grey, especially if you don’t already have a grey bag – they are so versatile.

  • pinksky777

    Grey!!! I JUST did a reveal on the exact same bag you’re referring too, same color/size, and it’s so amazing in person truly :) I always felt that being that the antigona bag is edgy and modern, I just think the most darkest of colors suits the bags charm more so than the lighter colors. Besides, I’d personally be ultra terrified of bringing such a light shade bag out in winter… :S

  • Laura D

    There’s a really pretty light gray one currently on TheClosetRaider. Going pre-loved you could probably buy your pink one as well!


  • Mya Wilkes


  • Barenia

    Pink is forever !

  • klynneann

    I’m very particular about my shades of pink so I’d have to see this IRL to choose it. That being said, I still like the grey better – I agree with some of the others, it just suits this particular bag more and the pink does not.

  • Elisa

    Grey is the new pink.

  • Rashmi

    Hi Megs, you have too many blue bags and a grey balenciaga. I really am drawn to the grey antigona but because of the above reason, I think you should go with the pink. I thought there was a beige antigona that I really liked. How about that one? Do you have beige bags? I say Go with the pink between these two.

  • Rashmi

    This one that Wendy is carrying is stunning too!


  • laura

    the grey one.

  • tata

    grey. i think the pink is a little too pink… wish it was more pale…

  • pink! Imagine how gorgeous it will be in the winter against burgandy or winter white:) LOVE

  • MAC


  • Deborah

    Grey grey grey yes yes yes

  • Pink is so warm and grey is so cold, so for the fall and winter go with the warmth of the pink.

  • GoldChanel

    I own both a lipstick pink and grey Etoupe bags (both Hermes Birkin, although I know the shades of colours are quite different to the Givenchy Antigona) but it is approaching winter now in UK and the jovial and pretty Pink just doesn’t suit either my outfits nor the dull and grey weather! I’ve been taking out the Etoupe one much more frequently. The Pink suits more summer / spring seasons I think. Of course there’s nothing wrong in using a Pink bag all season, but it’s just slightly harder to match outfits overall.

  • MrDPrize

    i would say the pink. it pops

  • sandy

    I like the pink one better

  • The gray is so pretty and can be used seamlessly for every season!

  • Ashleigh

    I would go with the pink! It is a really hard colour to find a lovely shade of that manages to still be a showstopper and also somewhat neutral. When I was in Milan I purchased the black in the Goatskin (which I always intended to buy) but it was then that I sure the pink one for the first time. It is absolutely stunning in person, and I came this close to purchasing it, even after deciding on the black almost two years earlier. If I wasn’t specifically after a black bag I would of bought the pink. Also I find that the dove grey colour is very common across all brands and styles, and is frequently produced season after season. Whereas this colour is special. Good luck with your decision!

  • Penny

    PINK PLEASE! grey just looks too ordinary and boring and normal. I dont mean to offend your likeness for grey but when it comes to buying a nice designer handbag, it has to stand out (for me). The dull grey on a structured form bag such as the antigona makes it less beautiful in my eyes. Pink graces the form of this bag. Pink…pretty please?

  • Bridget212323

    I can’t say no to a gray bag – especially if its a very pretty shade (like this one)

  • SPA

    Definitely grey!! I think grey always looks fresh, in my opinion, pink can look tired with some outfits.

  • Bailee

    My vote is for tts grey! It’s absolutely gorgeous in person!

  • Kaily

    What a decision!! Both are lovely but the grey just “pops” on this bags structure, in my opinion… Best to go with YOUR gut–what does it say?? ????

  • Lara

    Grey hands down but I am a total grey person!

  • Doodles78


  • Oh, I love them both! Even if I deeply love pink, I think I would choose it in grey, more versatile; a bag so expensive should go with many outfits.
    Grey, definitely.

  • dopey1947

    Even though you don’t own a pink bag, I would still pick the grey. It is easier to use the grey color than pink.

  • VigeeLeBrun

    Grey, definitely! Very much like Hermes etain, a beautiful year-round color.

  • Mindy Conner

    I vote for the GREY one! :)

  • JennieC

    I think gray is more timeless than pink. I had a pink bag in a similar hue and it ended up looking dated pretty quickly. I don’t see the gray doing that.

  • Rhonda

    I, too, have been looking at both colors and styles in the Givenchy and am equally torn since they are both beautiful. I’m glad that I am not alone in this dilemma. ;) I own several designer bags in blues, blacks and browns, but no Givenchy’s and no grays or pinks, but I love them both. I think that gray is a fall/ winter color and pink is a spring/summer color. i may eventually opt for gray since its so neutral.

  • Nancy K

    Grey, its versatile and timeless, the pink is just too pale and just doesn’t suit the silhouette of the bag IMO.

  • JB

    Go with the grey. Much more versatile.

  • LC

    i like the grey! but i don’t like the pebbly leather?

  • cat

    its a win win – both are gorgeous – pink will be very feminine, grey will communicate sophistication – hope that helps

  • Chris Pilk


  • Sandra

    Grey I have one, more compliments and a classic with a slight twist. Useable all year ! Done and Done !!!

  • Rhonda

    Have you made a decision? :)