The Givenchy Antigona Bag is not new; in fact, the design first debuted in late 2011. Unlike other designs, which are lucky to be in the limelight a few seasons in a row, the Antigona has not only stayed relevant and well-loved, but there’s also been a recent surge in popularity for this Givenchy design.

Season after season, the Antigona continues to lure in fashion’s elite, and clearly the design speaks to the accessory lovers. Unlike many other bags, this design is entirely simplistic, but that is clearly what the consumer wants. We crave cleaner designs, beautiful lines and a bag that stands out for its impeccable style without being overly trendy; the Antigona delivers just that in a pretty package.

With all the renditions out there, there are three that have my attention right now: a light sugar-cookie pink, an alluring hue of beige and creamy ocean blue. I simply love each of these bags, and while I want to pick one for myself, I can’t decide on just one – it’s like asking me to pick my favorite child. I’ve held out on adding an Antigona to my collection for a few years, but now the yearning is so great that I feel like I have to take the plunge.

I need your help – which Givenchy Antigona should I get?

Givenchy Antigona Small Sugar Satchel Bag Light Beige
$2,280 via Bergdorf Goodman

Antigona Small Sugar Satchel Bag Light Beige

Givenchy Antigona Small Nubuck Satchel Bag Blue
$2,395 via Neiman Marcus

Givenchy Antigona Small Nubuck Satchel Bag Blue

Givenchy Antigona Small Sugar Goatskin Satchel Bag Light Pink
$2,280 via Bergdorf Goodman

Givenchy Antigona Small Sugar Goatskin Satchel Bag Light Pink

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  • Ashley

    #1 for sure! I have a similar color in the Antigona and adore it. It’s chic and timeless, like the bag.

  • ElainePG

    I vote for #1, Megs, especially when I consider it in the context of the other bags in your collection. It’s classic, it’s sophisticated, it works for all four seasons, and you won’t get tired of the color. It also looks a bit like a fortune cookie, so it has a built-in cuteness factor!

  • Michelle

    I love this bag but it doesn’t have the traditional metal feet on the bottom of the bag. I am very careful with my bags but that being said…. after only having it for 10 days…. there were many indentation marks on the bottom. Does anyone else have this issue??

  • Pale blue nubuck, it’s something different!

    • RichlyPoor

      I agree! It’s unique compared to the others — I’m tres jealous :)

  • Gabriel

    Get the blue, not only the color is very beautiful and can work with many outfits but it has a little bit of texture that makes it more fun :) :) :)

  • The beige is too neutral, too ordinary. I’m all for universal
    matchability, but if I am spending this much on a wardrobe item, it has
    to be special. So we’re down to the pink and the blue. The pink risks
    being too twee and based on your geography might not be optimal for
    year-round wear. But the blue… it has differentiating texture, and its
    color manages to be both a neutral (thanks to the denim-y feel and gray
    undertones) and original (medium blue that’s pretty rare). This makes
    it worth the investment.

  • B

    Personally I’m a fall colored person, but out if these 3 I would pick the blue.

  • devchix

    I ‘just’ got a Black medium Antigona for Mother’s Day and I love it. It’s a great structured bag which is refreshing compared to all of the soft, squishy Balenciaga’s I have. You can’t go wrong with Black…

  • anne-craig

    Decisions, decisions! ;) I think i would go with #3, that leather looks extraordinary. Pink is a subtle neutral with a bit more oomph than shades of beige. Enjoy, Megs!

  • nk

    Honesty? I don’t really like any of these colors a lot. The Antigona is a stunning, stunning bag. I recently purchased the small Antigona in smooth black leather and I just love it. In my opinion, the Antigona looks much more chic in the smooth leather and the shiny black is simply beautiful, so I’d highly recommend it.

    If you’re set on one of these color families, I’d suggest Mastic or Old Pink for pinkish neutrals and navy blue for blues…

  • Jen

    The light beige, for sure. So much more practical and less trendy. I think you’ll get much more use out of it. Especially if you like more edgy items or want to wear it in fall and winter. Good luck!

  • andredre47

    The pink is so adorable! I think the Antigona can veer into cutesy territory so you should just embrace the cuteness and get the cutest color. And what’s cuter than baby pink?

  • Amanda

    I vote for #1. I’m not usually a fan of beige bags, but this is a particularly nice shade. The pink is too girly for me and even though blue is my favorite color, I’m just not a fan of this blue.

  • Atika

    I love the blue but I don’t think the suede is as long lasting as leather. Considering that nude is the best option and more likely to go with various outfits

  • shueaddict

    Megs, you already have all the sensible bags. Get the blue nubuck – it will really stand out in a casual / chic / not trying too hard way. I can see you rocking it with white jeans, peasant top and blonde hair flowing in the wind.

  • lavinia

    I know this is the pink season for bags and also the blue one but believe me -and Victoria Beckham would certainly agree with me- take the beige one this is the never never ending story for a bag color. You will have it season after season perfectly fashionable. I vote for the number one. :) Lavinia

  • Elmel

    Could you do a post featuring bags in a pale pink color similar to this givenchy? I adore this color and it’s hard to find a bag in this shade in a lower price point!

  • Joanna

    I am going back and forth between the beige and the light pink but, the light pink is honestly more eye appealing to me. So light pink it is.

  • mardigras

    Blue is my favorite color but I don’t like the nubuck and I would prefer a royal blue shade. I wish the beige was more tan and the pink more blush/nude. If you’re paying full price, none of the above. If it’s on sale, maybe the beige.

  • Rashmi

    Hi Megs, I think you have quite a few Blue Bags already; the Birkin, the Gucci bamboo shopper to name a few. I would suggest you go with the Beige as it is more striking of all the three bags. I have the Antigona in Olive green. I also saw a beautiful Medium Antigona in shiny Aubergine that looked like Maroon at the Mall of America. Have you seen that one? Anyway, please don’t get the blue. :)

  • laura

    My vote goes to the light beige. However, that color is very common that you might have a beige bag already. The blue is very pretty too but, if I remember correctly, you already own a Birkin in that color, or similar. I know they are two very different bags but you might want to consider a color that you don’t have in your collection.

  • Deborah

    I’m getting this bag for my anniversary! I hope anyway. I’m wanting #1. But what size? Is the small big enough?

  • sara

    Get the light pink. You already have several blue bags and probably have some light beige. The light pink color provides a beautiful juxtaposition with the angular shape of the bag. Good luck! Please let us know what you pick!

  • Sandy

    First of all I have to say how wonderful the Antigona is. I love mine and I am considering adding another in a different color I love it that much. If you can take care of a nubuck bag I would get the blue one! It is lovely! Not that the others are nice but the blue stands out.

  • Julie

    All are beautiful, but the blue nubuck really stands out. The color is stunning and the texture of the leather just adds something to it.

  • Lala

    PINK!! A blue bag would look good with a different bag (ahem, ps1 or balenciaga) and the light beige is so boring looking. Get PINK.



  • John

    I’d go for the beige. It’s such a creamy, rich, and neutral pop colour. You won’t get tired of carrying it, and you can dress it up or down. I honestly don’t find anything boring about this colour.

    However, if you have bags in this similar shade, then I think the pale pink is a lovely choice. It’s dainty, feminine colour is a great contrast to the sharp, geometric angles of the Antigona. :)

  • PurseACold

    I vote for the blue. I very much want to get it too, so I’m biased. I have a nude Antigona too, and it stands out and I know I can use it for years to come. It depends whether you want a classic buy or a fun pop of color. If the latter, go for the blue.

  • JennieC

    The pale pink is gorgeous, seems very sophisticated and lovely. The blue looks cheaper to me, but then I am very particular about my shades of blue.

  • LC

    I like the pink best – not too girly pink. However, I’ve seen a gorgeous light grey one. I’d get that!

  • Hi ladies, I recently purchased the beige and I did a little review of it on my blog. You can check out more detail photos if you are interested :)

  • Ashley

    I’ve had my eyes on the light pink in the small size for quite some time, but I’m looking to upgrade my current similarly sized pink satchel. For me, neutral colors make sense more for the bags that I’m going to carry the most: black for my almost every day, tan/caramel for my summer almost every day bag, and then a couple of beautifully crafted colored bags to sprinkle in when the fancy strikes lol