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  • psny15

    what a disaster (49 & 51 is the only nice new bag style ), seems gimmicky like moschino

  • Ashman84

    I love the pink antigona in picture 8! It looks more baby pink than the nude pink color they’ve been selling recently. Now I just need to save up so I can afford to buy one lol

  • Gigi

    I’m just so over Givenchy. Looks like they’re partially trying to channel The Row and partially Celine.

    • psny15

      so true

  • Rama


  • Stephanie Durham

    I’m glad They brought back the true pink instead of nude. I love pink bags!

  • EEE

    LOVE the pink!!

  • Sandy

    I still love Givenchy but agree they are under pressure to find some fresh ideas that are beautiful and useful. I think the Antigona is a keeper, and will be a classic but not so sure about the Nightingale and Pandora. The Horizon has never had my attention…the other new bags below, just no. Hoping Givenchy gets a fresh perspective soon!

  • gpc

    The Nightingale will never go out of style, they just need to stick with nice leathers and colors, no embellishment. The style in #22 is not bad, but I would have too see it in a solid color to be sure.

  • Fawcett Proust

    I love the Horizon but not enough to buy it.


    They see the “Horizon”, I see the Saint Laurent Sac de Jour in a Straitjacket… with the clochette and lock removed, to avoid self-harm. It is soooooo ugly. Truly. I find Givenchy bags uninspired and dull.

  • Maya

    Meh….some of the color combinations are horrendous! I really like nr. 22 but Givenchy is over doing it and it shows! They are so close to getting the tacky factor…almost there! I used to worship Givenchy…hum…not so much anymore!

  • W S M

    I like the Antigonas and the Pandoras. But everything else does remind me of The Row (and some Celine). I’m not a fan of the lilac and purple shades though, especially when colourblocked.

  • Kez

    No 22 is so like Hermes Halzan???

  • Ashley

    Does anyone know when these bags are going on pre-order? I’m dying to get my hands on that pink antigona!!

  • Stella2007

    I love Givenchy. The Antigona bag and Lucrezia bag are my absolute favourite designs. They’re well thought out designs, sleek, classic and very practical bags. The Pandora bag is a lightweight cool bag as well. Nightingale bag is fantastic for carrying anything and everything and great for travel. Givenchy should stick with the classics like Antigona and create better leather colors and textures and sizes etc. I am definitely going to be adding a Givenchy Antigona bag to my collection.