I haven’t played this game with you guys in a while and this Givenchy bag seemed like the perfect opportunity. I remember when we first saw this bag (some of you had thoughts), but I feel like it can stand on its own when it comes to gathering opinions.

Behold the Givenchy Goat Hair Nightingale bag. The Nightingale is a beloved bag, and Givenchy just updated it for this season (Amanda and I both love the updated version, as does Rosie Huntington-Whiteley). We usually see this bag in plain leather, and it’s really nice, but Givenchy created a full goat hair version that truly gives us something to talk about.

This rendition offers long–and I do mean long–goat hair, and underneath all of that is smooth leather. The price is $4,490 via Net-A-Porter.

Fill in the blank: The Givenchy Goat Hair Nightingale is _____________________.

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  • ElainePG

    … a dead ringer for The Beatles haircuts when they first appeared on the Ed Sullivan Show.

  • Jen Brett

    making mg gag. hair unattached from the body freaks me out. i’ve thrown out hair brushes as a teen rather than clean them. this bag is like my worst nightmare.

  • pinkngreenpurse


  • Kweenhelene

    Reminds me of Cousin It from the Addams family.

    • Canuck65

      yes!! I was thinking the same thing

    • AshleyG

      my thoughts exactly… as if Cousin It married rich… ;-)

    • Aoedele

      Lol, was just about to post that.

    • uncertain

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    • Glo

      That was exactly what I thought

    • Vicky

      And he dye his hair black. :D

  • FashionableLena

    Cousin It.

  • tbestes

    Heinous. Just. Heinous.

  • N


  • Sandy

    Taking a very beautiful bag and ruining it! Might be good for Halloween.

  • Truvey Taylor

    Imagine all of the lint and debris that will get stuck to that bag. You’ll have to care for that bag just as often as your actual hair. And also it’s ugly :)

  • lisa

    …my Uncle Bill’s missing toupee. ;)

  • Isabel

    Like the mane of a Kardashian.

  • Charlie

    It’s like a human head that leather face from Texas Chainsaw Massacre carries…

  • Cello82

    Such a turn off. (Hate to be so critical, but it’s horrendous)

  • Sara

    It is for adults only as it may frighten young children and cause nightmares. It may have the same effect on the elderly. Read warning label.

  • Anna Dinh Nguyen

    I could make this with supplies from Michael’s for about $10

  • Suzanne

    … the missing head of the Headless Horseman! Eureka, it has been found!

  • Sara

    What a truly VERSATILE bag!! You can curl it, dye it, streak it and really personalize it. You can even match it to your hair style for the day! My question is: does it come with a special shampoo and conditioner? Do I have to occasionally trim it? Hmm mind boggles.

  • jacqueline

    it’s Uncle It (from the Adams Family)

  • W S M

    A hairy situation.

  • Immodest Goddess

    But…but…I don’t hate this…

  • E Cooper

    …hard to put down. I mean, where do you put it? At a restaurant, where do you attempt to place it? Then you have to smooth it out once you pick it back up.Too much!

    • Sara

      LOL. Practical and logical questions.

      • E Cooper

        Then you go to the movie and you hold it in your lap, do you get popcorn? I think not.

      • Sara

        What if it is raining? Will it curl or smell? It will certainly drip. Where do you go from there?

      • mary

        the secret is to moisturized xD

    • Silvia B.

      Hey Lady get your pet of the table. This purse is a bit much for my taste.

  • Jerri R

    The back of a severed human head.

  • Rachel

    Like my crotch when I’m single.

    • FashionableLena

      Best. Comment. Of. The. Day.

    • I legit just spit water reading this!

    • Silvia B.

      I love your sense of humor. Thanks for the laugh. Great minds think alike. LOL

  • Sparky

    …..perfect for Halloween

  • Finem Lauda

    A complete waste of money that is marketed entirely to people with no brains and a disposable income. I.E. Slap it on Dongle Trump’s head! It’d still look better than the roadkill he’s got attached to his scalp right now! And it’d cover that horrible thing on top of his neck, I think he calls it a face?

  • Amazona

    …like a Bond villain’s wig. With a handle on it. OMG, that’s a batsh*t crazy bag! o_O

  • Jerri R

    A very expensive duster.

  • Ashley

    Poor goat! :( hate it…a lot

  • Lisa

    Cousin It’s favorite accessory

  • Mel

    Is it wrong that every time I look at the name of the bag, my brain turns “Nightingale” into “Nightmare”?!?!

  • Sparkletastic

    What the well dressed witch doctor carries for Fall’ 15.

  • Johnny


  • mary

    my grandma’s missing wig

  • Bir

    The perfect bag for STAR WARS chic.

    • Yes! Could totally be used in a Star Wars Movie!!

  • Maya

    Cousin It…

  • asdfasdf

    like donald trump’s undyed pubic hair

  • Kylee

    Hermes has the Birkin Bag and Givenchy has the Merkin Bag

    • TexasST

      My favorite comment, hands down!!

  • eye4style

    I kind of love it!

  • One Nation

    maybe if it wasn’t so long, it would be neat, ….. but not really practical. Just another bag to sit in the owners 25k walk in closet. :)

    • One Nation

      oh, and YES….I am sure GOTH KIM KARDASHIAN WEST will be carrying it, or her twinsie sister Kylie…… or even better, maybe it can be KAITLYNS BAG!! lmao.

  • Vanessa Wilson

    I guess you could always change the look.

  • FashionableLena

    I’m scrolling through looking at the comments. One son says it looks like a dog. The other said it looks like Chewbacca.

  • kaly

    “The Givenchy Goat Hair Nightingale is: Overdue for a wax!! :D

  • mikesuper

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  • Vicky

    Where is it? I only see a hairy ball. How can I find a zipper? :D Will the hair get caught in the zipper track? Will it go bald? :D

  • Vicky

    A toy. You can play hairdresser with it while you wait for whatever you’re doing carrying the bag on that day. :)

  • Brienne

    a Shih Tzu in need of grooming

  • Pamela

    hairer than I am lol

  • carefulincole

    The Givenchy Goat Hair Nightingale Bag is… prefect for halloween LOL