Well, the Loewe Poppy Sheep Amazona Bag looks cuddly, for lack of a better word.

For some reason, my first thought upon seeing this bag (which is part of Loewe’s Fall 2013 collection, on pre-order via Moda Operandi through March 28) was that if I were to ever be stranded at an airport, it would be the bag I’d want to have with me. Stuff your extra sweater inside and it’s an impromptu pillow! How convenient. Questionably stylish, sure, but convenient.

This bag, as well as versions in blue and ivory, graced the brand’s runway earlier this month in Paris. Naturally, designers tend to put their most eye-catching and forward-thinking pieces on the runway, so if they’re going to have a fuzzy Amazona, I suppose it’s only natural that it was featured; even if it’s not destined to be a hot seller, people will certainly talk about it.

As many of you already know, my feelings about fur bags tend to be harsh, with occasional exceptions made for particularly well-conceived designs. I wouldn’t put this Amazona on that short list, but its cartoonish quality did make me smile instead of cringe. A bag for an animated Cruella DeVille, perhaps. Pick up this piece for $2,400 or shop the full pre-sale via Moda Operandi. Got a different way to finish our sentence in the post title? Give it to us in the comments.

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  • Michelle Nichole

    ELMO! lol

    • Miles

      Ah le mot juste !

    • You guys are always so much better at this game than I am.

  • yep, it certainly looks like something the muppets would be carrying

  • Sandra

    I think you may have offended the muppets/Elmo…I guess it would be durable just get yourself some carpet cleaner. This bag makes all of the other fur bags that went down the fall runways look pretty good. This is the most hideous of all.

  • FashionableLena

    like it’s made out of old 1970s carpet remnants.

  • sara

    Like my grandmother’s carpet–in red–instead of green.

  • bir

    ooo my its a bad 70s carpet made into a handbag

  • I think they need to make this bag in extra extra large

  • Clifford’s lunchbox.

  • lori

    So bad, it’s good!