The Marc Jacobs Stam is a MJ classic, both well-known and loved in the handbag world. With different renditions over time, there are some that we love and some that we question. Coming for Spring 2011, the Marc Jacobs Sequined Stam Bag is covered with tonal paillettes atop blush leather. Pre-order via Neiman Marcus for $2,350.

Fill in the blank in the comments section below: The Marc Jacobs Sequined Stam Bag is ____.

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  • babe

    a joke? no good one though.

    • Gemma

      Seriously, Not a joke. Innovative.

  • saz

    I actually think it’s quite pretty…

  • Vitta

    Haven’t we discussed it already a month ago, on Dec. 31?

  • Mochababe73

    a disappointment.
    I love the Stam. It’s on my ultimate wish list right behind a classic Chanel flap bag.

    overpriced. Pailletes are cheap.

    ugly. Why ruin such a beautifu leather (in quality and color) with ugly pailletes.

  • Marianna

    An old hat from the 1960’s converted into a handbag!

  • Laura


  • sue

    Amanda got 156 comments on this bag on December 31…

  • PhotoGirl

    further proof that he despises women.

  • LDJ

    Unique and I would rock it!!!

  • 19yearslater

    the love child of a gorgeous MJ stam and a seventh grade girl’s purse. I love the stam, but this is no good.

  • baghooligan

    a confection but not practical.

  • suz

    Um-m-m-m…..tacky and dated.

  • DanielleH

    I literally gasped when I saw it. So I am going to say Breathtaking! I love it!

  • Lisa

    phenomenal!!!! I love the colour too! :)

  • Lin

    … really pretty and the blush color is gorgeous.

  • Jessi Lou

    Fun, fun, fun! I love it! And, yes, beautiful color.

  • BooIn

    Not worth the price.

  • Gemma

    Cute, fun, playful and nothing like what I would expect from Mark

  • Adrienne

    quite frilly! Rather attractive!

  • luvpugz

    Aren’t sequins over?

  • whit

    if he did it in a seafoam like colour it could be mermaid like!

    this shade is pretty too i guess

  • NikolineK

    a salmon…

  • Klara


  • Chels K

    Just perfect for the right summer occasions.

  • Merve

    last ditch lame effort to inundate us with even more Stams…

  • lilobubbletea

    floral. it reminds me of flower petals from a flower. It gives on the illusion from afar. If that was what they were trying to go for, they should have made fabric flower petals instead – but then again. who knows. =P

  • jen

    very unneccessary. Doesn’t do the Stam any good, IMO.

  • Maitha

    cheap looking.

  • another Nancy

    Don’t really like it. It will look like a moulting chicken when the paillettes start tearing off.

  • christine

    too much! Less is more

  • edoardo

    Too edgy and eccentric ;)

  • trisha

    cheap looking

  • alex

    fishy! the paillettes make it look scaly, like its been fished out of the ocean! lol

  • qudz

    not awful; its kinda cute actually, but at that price tag, no thanks.

  • Margaret

    I agree with Marianna: looks like a ’60s hat my Gran wore. I initially thought the paillettes were feathers. I love the blush colour, but the paillettes on this style of bag make it look like some poor bastard child of a fairy princess and Hell’s Angel. And at that price, I can definitely pass!

  • Stylista

    Something I want materializing out of nowhere in front of me RIGHT NOW!

  • XXAL

    pretty.. but that price for a sequins bag? not to mention how much limitation it does to matching different styles of clothing? no thank you

  • Jinjin


  • safi

    funky. I would have no trouble wearing it.

  • EM

    a mermaid’s dream.

  • ch

    I love it! So girly-girl.

  • AW

    sadly cheap looking :( and i have a feeling it will scratch like h*ll