Stella McCartney Round Plexiglass Box Clutch, $1,995 via NAP

As far as Stella McCartney bags go, this plexiglass box clutch is a total curve-ball. Who am I kidding, this clutch is simply odd no matter who it comes from. With only two inches in depth, what exactly can go in here? A 6″ circular plexiglass design is what Stella McCartney wants you to wear when opting for extreme minimalism. And while many of us want to wear a statement piece, we all want our accessories to be functional and I’m not sure this bag will give you proper functionality.

But let’s kick the week off by giving you the chance to tell us what you think. You know what to do, fill in the blank! And if this Stella McCartney bag is for you, buy via Net-A-Porter for an exorbitant $1,995.

Fill in the blank: The Stella McCartney Round Plexiglass Box Clutch is ___________.

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Share Your Thoughts With Us

  • lintmag

    The Stella McCartney Round Plexiglass Box Clutch is like a giant aspirin for the headache I get when designers make things completely impractically. And then charge tons of $ for them!
    It’s cool as just an object if you want to put it on display, but that seems about it.

    • Stacy F.

      Thank you! That is exactly what I was thinking – giant asprin! :) It is bland, boring and expensive.

    • J Umm

      the perfect response.

      i actually thought it was a bath sponge…

  • PhotoGirl

    The Stella McCartney Round Plexiglass Box Clutch is ridiculous.

  • jenny


    i mean, what couldn’t you fit in there? my phone, cash, cards, and compact mirror can all fit.

  • Rach

    The Stella McCartney Round Plexiglass Box Clutch is uber cute!!

  • Lilobubbletea

    i like the gold and white idea – i don’t like the execution… i would like it more if it were rectangular~

  • Erik

    OVERRATED just like Stella McCartney…. really 2K for this?

    • klynneann

      I’m with you!

  • Mzlavonne

    I don’t like it. Its too ROUND.

  • marinaharbour


  • melodymouse

    …such a joke that if I bought it my husband would divorce me on the grounds of insanity and he would gain full custody of the children because no court in the land would support me. $2,000 for a small plastic disc is just wrong.

  • Caitlin

    boring, impractical, and over priced!

  • Ali

    SOLD OUT?!?!?!?

  • Nancy

    Perfect for a diaphragm!

    • PhotoGirl

      Actually, that bag is perfect birth control all by itself. Any guy who sees you with it is going to take off running. Talk about a man repeller! :)

    • Perry P

      I’m not sure what a diaphragm looks like, but I know what it’s for and your comment made my day!

  • swati

    a compact mirror, i always see lying around in my mom’s purse

  • rose60610

    hideous and idiotic beyond words

  • nk

    looks like an asprin for The Rock

  • Jackie Ellis

    … weird! And 2K !!!!! Come on.. that’s obscene!

  • Merve

    2k for a plexiglass mentos?? just to quote her father ‘that’ll be the day”.

    • Kayla

      Actually Buddy Holly sang that. although his band was almost called the BEEtles. ;)

      • Merve

        :) First song recorded by Quarrymen who later became the Beatles…although Holly originally wrote it indeed.

  • mochababe73

    actually an oversized compact. When you open, you feel stupid for believing that it was an actual functioning clutch.
    I just don’t get the why everyone is so in love with any Stella McCartney handbag. I have seen her handbags in person. She should only charge no more than $50 for her bags. Complete crap.

  • Hellow

    The Stella McCartney Round Plexiglass Box Clutch is more kind of piece to complete total minimalist look, not functional (are most of high heels functional?) but original-that one for sure. It remind me kind of modern design, architecture piece. Interesting but I would never buy it :P

  • Kayla

    …looks like it would break easily. Plexiglass isn’t very durable

  • bir

    a poor and pale impression of a 1950s cold cream can not practical and not very good looking actually

  • Kate

    looks like my Chanel body powder container. no thank you.

  • klynneann

    It’s sold out on Net-A-Porter, along with a green oval style!

  • 19yearslater

    best used as a coaster.

  • Alexandra

    The Stella McCartney Round Plexiglass Box Clutch is a tambourine

  • Edoardo

    Essence of contemporary minimalistic aesthethic…amazing!

  • Jennifer

    oddly cute when you go to NAP and look at other pictures.

  • Fai

    The Stella McCartney Round Plexiglass box clutch is a an exercise in excess for the sake of excess.

  • jrl

    ugly! and sold out, who would buy it?

  • You’re all so negative =P I like it a lot. Overpriced, yes, but which product in this category isn’t? And come on… Wanting it to be more square when it’s a perfect circle…

    Some products are impractical, and made to just look really cool. I think this one nails just that.