Sometimes I hear people say that bags have faces, that on certain designs, the zippers and pockets and other miscellaneous pieces of hardware line up to an unintentional visage to for an unintentional visage in luxury leather. I rarely ever notice these bag faces myself, but I can see them when others point it out to me – my mom, for instance, sees smiling handbags everywhere she goes and used to claim that my Marc Jacobs Stam Bag looked angry. On the other hand, there’s nothing unintentional about the face staring back at us from the Dolce & Gabbana Miss Sicily Queen Regina Satchel.

Because of the flat photo, I first thought this bag was simply a picture of an Italian mosaic, printed on some sort of woven textile. Then I noticed the price – at nearly five grand, there had to be something else going on with this design, and sure enough, there is. Rather than just a flat print, the bag features an incredible amount of embroidery to render the image, plus a healthy smattering of jewels and crystals here and there. (It is Dolce & Gabbana, after all.)

Dolce’s had tons of success in recent seasons with hyper-literal prints of artwork, vistas and iconography from the duo’s native Italy, but it took a little while for the bags to get this treatment. While this design will likely have a very specific customer (and that customer is not me), I have to appreciate the amount of detail that goes into such an endeavor – this is probably the most heavily embroidered bag I’ve ever seen. Which “most” does this bag feel like for you? Play our “fill in the blank” game in the comments or pick up one of these unique bags for $4,950.


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