I Really Love the Fendi Fendigraphy Bag

Hobo bag, but make it sleek and chic

Seeing a bag in person as well as seeing that same bag be carried on someone is typically the combination that sells me on it (that is such an obvious statement, I know). We are all visual by nature, wanting to see how something looks and works when deciding if it is the bag for us or not. While the functionality matters (of course, it does), the aesthetics always draw us in first, and I have a penchant for new shapes that aren’t as common in the bag world. Enter the new Fendi Fendigraphy bags, a sleek, curved answer to the other popular cornerstones for the brand.

Fendi Introduces A New Icon

What the Baguette and Peekaboo offer with their straight lines is met with the polar opposite on this half-moon-shaped bag. Available in three sizes, the Fendigraphy bag quickly made its way onto the arms of the attendees of Fashion Week. After I saw it in person earlier this month and then saw it in the wild many times, I decided this bag would occupy my headspace. While many hobo-style bags are more casual and freeform, the Fendigraphy brings a structured take on the hobo shape.

There is a small, medium, and nano size (which is more of an accessory than the accessory, if you know what I mean). All feature the vintage gold metal FENDI lettering across the bottom of the bag, which is visible when the bag is worn in a somewhat understated and unexpected way. While some prefer bags without logos, the lettering is a bold and modern way to add branding onto an otherwise leather bag.

Fendi Fendigraphy bag

There is the option to wear the bag under the arm or cross-body for the small and medium sizes, thanks to the adjustable and detachable handle. Plus, there are the hooks, which allow for a shoulder strap to be attached. Most people I saw carrying this bag opted for it to be under the arm or in hand, but for ease of use in daily life, I’d personally opt for the strap. There is a zip closure with a fabric-lined internal compartment. The colorways and sizes allow you to find the right version for you, and I expect we will see much more of this bag (which I am quite happy about).

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