Fendi Violet Sequined Spy Tote Remember back when Fendi Spy Bags were all the rage? Oh, the days of the “it” bag; anyways, enough reminiscing. Don’t fear, the Spy bag is still here! And though it’s still available in various styles, it’s this Fendi Violet Sequined Satin Small Spy Tote that jumps out at me. Why? First of all, it is gorgeous! I’m a huge fan of tiny sequined bags (or feathered bags like the Michael Teperson Feathered Flute Bag, if that tickles your fancy) that would be ideal for an elegant evening at an opera. But this Spy takes that concept and applies it to a larger, more rounded shape, which is what makes it so unique. You might be thinking, “But where would I wear such a bag? Certainly not at the opera!” To this I argue that this bag fits in a very small and specific niche of larger evening bags. Who hasn’t been frustrated that they could not fit everything into their minuscule clutches? That’s where this bag comes in- big enough for all your little necessities, but intricate and fancy enough for (sure, why not) the opera. And that’s why I love it. Buy through Bluefly for $2,020.

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  • Caroline @ Salescoop

    “Who hasn’t been frustrated that they could not fit everything into their minuscule clutches?” Couldn’t have said it better myself! The size is the worst part of clutches. This bag, on the other hand, is a little bigger but is still GORGEOUS and perfect for a special night out. Great find!

  • Free

    The bag is cute. I’m not flying off my seat about it, but it has character. I do like it.


  • Loquita

    I’ll pass on this one. I would much rather invest that amount of money in an everyday bag!

  • papertiger

    I think Fendi Spy bags only work when they’re plain, its such a strong shape anyway. I even find the sticking-out bits on the handles annoying. I like that they continue to produce the bags though.

  • renee

    At first I thought sequins? I like beads. But, if you go to the site and look and the sequin detail up close it is really gorgeous. 2 gs is 2 much for me though.

  • Emily

    i love all spys and this bag is no exception!

  • Julie Weekes

    That is an ugly bag – the shape is overwhelmed by the sequins. WAY TOO MUCH DETAIL. Especially at that price…

  • tosti

    hmmmm truly i can only say that having seen the fendi spy in white mink this one is not exactly the best special spy i have seen, but the fact that it is small makes it a fantastic piece just not my personal best but its still a spy bag …….. a luxury version of the petit spy.

  • lucy

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  • Olivia C

    I dont like this as much as the old ones! I found this really class website with some really nice bags on as descent prices. All you lovely girlies should check it out – i love it!


  • Urooj

    I love the sequins, and this signature shape of Fendi’s bag immediately grabs my attention, but I’m not sure the two go together well enough for me to want it that bad! Cute though

  • Urooj

    I want a new shape/style from Fendi!

  • Merve

    Spys are supposed to be undetectable. I think fendi continue to overexpose all of their designs.

  • Rebecca

    I liked the original spy more than anything..
    This one will give it a miss!
    Too bright for the day and too big for the night!

  • Adrienne Zedella

    Nahhhh! (fb)