The so-called style of the Olsen’s twins has received quite a bit of press, but not always good press. The once cute-as-a-button Full House stars have transformed their looks into quite the memorable look. Very casual, very covered up, and very grandma-chic. Don’t ask me to explain it further, I just have no idea what the girls are thinking most of the time!

And when Ashley began incessantly carrying an exotic and vintage Fendi bag, the handbag lovers of the world went nuts. What is this bag they asked, where can we find it they demanded, I need it they exclaimed! I quite liked her bag, but word on the street was it truly was not in stores and was vintage and quite unattainable. So I stopped looking, as I do not eBay like the rest of the world (I know, I am out of the times).

But as some speculated, the exposure and popularity that came from Ashley carrying the bag catapulted Fendi into designing a bag to satiate the wants and needs of their customers. This is what the Fendi Vintage Leather Twins Tote has come here to do; satisfy the never ending customers who have yearned for the Olsen Fendi bag for over a year now. The problem is that this version is new but Fendi attempted to make it vintage-like. And then there is the simple leather version, not the exotic crocodile. And really, we all WANTED THE CROC! So, while Fendi did what they thought the public was asking for, and recreated the Twins Tote, they may not see it flying off the shelves. I can say that I for one am not very moved. The bag is made of smooth grained leather, finished with polished gold metal hardware, and features the same double F link attachments as the handbag Ashley sported constantly. Dimensions are 15.5″x 12″x 6″. And the price, well again, to me not even close to worth it. Also available in black, buy through eLuxury for $1630.

Ashley Olsen with her Vintage Fendi Crocodile Tote.

Images via Flickr

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  • I saw this bag yesterday and didn’t realize it was in reference to the Olsen twins (probably because it wasn’t croc!), but did think that it looked like a much less exciting version of the grey Chloe tote I wrote about a couple weeks back!

  • It’s a little blah… :neutral:

  • serena

    Ah Fendi: once again, so close but no cigar. At least it’s not an overpriced, paint it yourself version.

  • Julie

    Definitely not even CLOSE to the original!!!

  • AJC

    I was actually considering getting this tote for work ;-) And had NO idea about the whole Olsen croc thing, oh well – Megs I might be even more out of the times than you :wink:

    It’s not super pricy for quality bag (which I assume it is – Amanda, did you have a chance to touch this leather?) but I might just wait and see if eLuxury will eventually mark it down…

  • I was wondering when/if they were going to release it. It isn’t as special without the glossy croc skin and they changed the handles.

    And you may or may not have realized it, but you found the pics on my flickr (thanks for linking!). I’m a huge fan of their style.

    • NO WAY!!! Well thank you William, much appreciated!

  • elizabeth

    this bag comes in croc too but like the vintage one ashley has its over $20,000. can you afford that?? didn’t think so!
    so, i think the leather version is a great option…i’ll be ordering it! also comes in python for around $5,000.

  • AJC

    OK, I just saw it today at BG — totally disappointing! Doesn’t feel like an expensive lush leather (like my Gucci tote) — def can and will live without it!

  • joe

    I think the simple reason why it didnt go into exact production is the cost. This bag was actually posted on a while back and it was reported to be between 40 to 50,000 dollars, which is completely insane. I guess thats the price Ms.Olsen pays to make it one of a kind. though it said, this was made to order, so I’ve sure for the ultra rich, with an extra 50 grand to spare can order same exact bag. (and p.s never aspect a 20 to 50,000 bag to be on a store shelve, why so it can be touched? and get all dirty) never the cunty store clerks would never allow it.

  • Gina

    I don’t understand how so many dislike this bag. It’s a simple grey leather tote, not much to dislike in my opinion. I ordered it as soon as did a post on it last week. I find it absolutely fabulous.

  • Lara

    I Love this bag. I know the croc version would of been nicer but I couldn’t of afford it anyway…I think is cute and pretty good price. I am getting one in black and I will use it more of a business bag.

  • Miki

    wow finally see the post of the bag I’ve been looking for like ages!! I really looooove the Ashley’s, anyone knows which year the bag might be from? :razz:

  • This bag is subtle, clean and exudes class…I have to have it, except the price is a bit steep. Who knows maybe come October/November I can get a screaming deal on it…doubt it, but I will try to wait!

  • This bag is hot. I love the subtle style and the fact it’s hard to get, truly makes this a must have. A bit pricey, but I love it anways!

  • Babs

    No offense, but someone is not doing their research properly. It can be special ordered in Croc anytime you want to purchase it. Just remember that all quality Croc is very pricey, whether LV Hermes etc. Mine was made for me in Italy, I even got to choose the color and size back in March. I think this tote pictured is perfect for the person who doesn’t want to spend that much. Love it!

  • Syma

    I actually really like the understated chic of the black version, It definately has a vintage feel about it, without actually being vintage. The only thing I’m not sure about is if Fendi are going to run with this and bring out 80 different versions like they do with their other styles (spy, baguette) we’ve already seen the croc, there is the vintage look calfskin in brown, black, pink and grey for this season and apparently a python version coming out for cruise!

  • Adrienne Zedella

    uninteresting (fb)