Megs wrote about this bag a bit ago, but I couldn’t help but cover it as well. So, earlier today I wrote about the Yves Saint Laurent Yes Large Leather Tote. While writing about this tote, I expressed my concern for its price. Well, the same concern has popped up with this Fendi bag.

Ok, first and foremost, I like seeing a Fendi bag that hasn’t been covered with its logo. I’m over logos. So realizing the bag up for discussion is a Fenid AND you can’t really tell unless you look around the handles makes the bag discussion worthy – at least in my book. This is hands down a really cute shopper but my jaw dropped when I saw the price tag attached. How much would you think this bag was going to cost you?

I really didn’t think the Fendi Twins Woven Raffia Shopper would be more than $1000. Low and behold, it was more than double my guesstimation. This really broke my heart because, frankly, I really wanted it for the upcoming Spring and Summer months.

This sand glazed woven raffia shopper has two black leather top handles and light gold-tone hardware. As previously mentioned, there are designer-embossed details at the handles and whether you would use it or not, a detachable and adjustable shoulder strap. As you’ve heard me say before, I am so glad a large shopper like this has some sort of fastening at the top, in this case, magnetic. How cute would you look carrying this bag to a farmer’s market, to the park, to the library, shopping and maybe even to the pool? The answer: super cute. I just can’t believe how much you’d need to throw down for it. Buy through Net-a-Porter for $2560.

So, tell me… worth the price or not?

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  • Alana

    No way!!

  • Nee

    Definitely not worth the price. I know you said the raffia is glazed, but i still do not see this bag lasting more than the one summer without fraying:(

  • atrophia

    Definitely not worth the price. I mean, I appreciate that it’s not drowning in logos, but I’m not particularly drawn to it either.

  • Jai

    YOU might bring it to YOUR Farmers’ Market but the hippies would laugh at me here in LA if I did the same. That said, it’s a super cute “shopper” that I would like to have price be damned. But the shopping I would dare do with it is maybe the cute little french market/cafe Joans On Third.

  • Jacqueline Suzanne

    ITA, definitely not worth the price!!!

  • coco13

    God no! it’s raffia…

  • Ana JB

    LOVED the bag: rustic-chic!…But w/ this price!…OMG! I prefer to scape from the canadian’s winter to a btful beach :)

  • Erin

    WOAH…$2560 for a raffia bag?! I mean, its nice looking and all, and big chic totes are always useful, but jeez! that’s a bit steep for a non-leather bag, even if it IS Fendi! My damier LV Neverfull was a bargain in comparison! (By the way, its so nice to see a bag that’s not plastered in logos!)

  • chirpy_gal

    Nope…. :-) …..

  • Fiona

    No way.I had my hopes to buy the straw bag by Balenciaga, at least the price was more affordable around $800.The problem is I never saw the bag except in magazines…

    • cge

      I also love the straw Balenciaga. I believe you can order it on-line through Barneys. It looks fantastic, and the price is way more reasonable than its Fendi counterpart. Hope you find it!

      • Fiona

        Thanks!I hope so too!

  • DezinerPurseFan

    For $2560 you already can buy a nice LV or Chanel… sigh :(

  • Cheryl

    Love the handbag but way over priced for what you are getting.

  • Margherita

    ahhaha, at Fendi they are crazy

  • chloehandbags

    The price is utterly ridiculous – no question about it! :D

    Luckily, I don’t like it.

  • karen

    ridiculous, not my taste anyway….

  • Tiffany

    Not worth the price to me, I can find a Versace around that price made of fine leather! Not Raffia!

  • Ashley

    No thankyouverymuch.

  • 19yearslater

    I wouldn’t pay $100 for a raffia bag, let alone $2560. It is very, very seasonal and much less resilient than other materials. Sorry, Fendi, that’s too much.

  • Zhibek

    it definitely worth!
    im going to buy this one or peek a boo in march!
    cause i really like this bag.

  • edwardy

    Im a Fendi SA here in far east, the price in net-a-porter is quite pricey compared to the one I have in the boutique, when we first received the beg, took it out from the dustbag, n oh my…what a beautiful bag but when we saw the price tag, hey! its even more expensive than the leather version, so put it on the display shelf and within two weeks, we managed to sell both the beige, as shown here and another piece in black raffia…

    probably they are customers who appreciate the design or maybe they are just the group of ppl that think “well when a bag is worn out, that just means im ready for a new one”

  • FLBagaholic

    What is DELIGHTFUL is that you won’t see it on every other arm….fantastically, under the radar. Classy! Has my vote.

  • Tangela

    …..not sure about this one.

  • ShoeQueen1961

    How much?! The creator’s @ Fendi need their head examined…

  • David Lee

    This is a fashion statement; a high end luxury item that will defiantly be a conversation topic when seen. Were others are seeking handbags that are made in the 1000-2000 production range; this one is very limited; we are talking 15-20 made for the US market.

    Imagine a corporate women entering a board-room and dropping down a Hermes on the table. You see the Hermes; maybe realize that it is a status symbol…. then thats it.

    Now imagine that same strong independant women entering the board-room and placing this one-of a kind handbag that most won’t expect to see; now thats a conversation starter. One that will be remembered.

    Not a status symbol but a fashion statement.

  • Jessica

    Definately Worth It!
    I actually just got this bag, (Im a New York Gal) I absolutely cannot wait until the S/S when me and my Husband and children take our annual trip to our house in the hamptons!
    This will be my bag of choice!, I will carry it absolutely everywhere!
    …And i love the fact that it doesnt feel like raffia at all!, so soft, so glamourous!
    So Yes Shannon, splurge on a faboulous bag, besides, everyone needs a glamourous bag that is on trend for the spring-summer!
    Totally Worth It!

  • Elyse

    not for that price! (fb)

  • Adrienne Zedella

    NOPE! (fb)

  • nini

    raffia bags are cute…but this is too expensive! (ipad)

  • Ellen

    I do not think that it is worth the price for the material, but it is very well done. (ipad)

  • Leda

    I love raffia, in bags, in everything, paille, I love these material.
    I simply fell in love with this bag which I`ve seen in Paris last summer
    and, damm me, I did not payed much attention to it, becouse, having just bought my Peekaboo, I was happy and satisfied , and all the other bags looked just bags on the display…I´m mortified.