Mercedes Benz Fashion Week New York 2008! I probably don’t have to remind anyone, but yes, we are in the midst of the infamous New York Fashion Week. While designers, PR reps, socialites, models, celebrities and other lucky people participate, the rest of us eagerly await to see fashion images pop up. I know I’ve been curious to see which magazines cover what lines or what tidbit the nightly news might drop. Sure, there are new looks I am not fond of, but isn’t that the point of fashion sometimes… to push the envelope? Well, I do think the Fendi Stamped F6 Secret Code Bag might just fit into that category. This bag was seen gracing the runway and it got me thinking, could this handbag be one of the next on your wish list?

I have to say, once you realize what the handbag is made out of, it is no surprise it was featured on the runway during Fashion Week. The bag is available in two vibrant colors, violet and cherry. Although both fun colors for a handbag, it was the mink fur-stamped suede that really intrigued me. The luscious mink is paired well with the contrast topstitching and metal hardware. The front cut-outs are lined with wolf fish skin and accented with oversized stone (tiger’s eye stones on the violet bag while multicolored stones are on the cherry bag). I am not so sure how I feel about the adjustable shoulder strap (I’ve never been a big fan), but I do like that the flap top tucks into front panels and secured with a magnetic closure. So, a re-cap: the bag has graced New York’s Fashion Week, the material is stunning and there is a definite attention to detail. But the question remains, will the Fendi’s handbag go from the runway to your closet? Buy through eLuxury for $2,450.00.

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  • Lesley

    I am not a fan of Fendi…and this is not that cute…I found some great clothing at on sale 20% off sale stuff coupons

  • enshogirl

    I definitely haven’t been impressed by the Fendi bag designs in a long time, this is really no exception either.

    I know I wear leather bags all the time, but I kind of feel bad for the poor mink that was made into this monstrosity. It looks like something my great-grandmother would have made.

    If this bag is going to my closet, it’s staying in there. :)

  • ugh i love the secret code

  • I like this one! Nice details and colors.

  • juju

    Not impressed.

  • Nicole

    It seems that some of people do not actually like Fendi. :)

  • kssc

    not a must have

  • Adrienne Zedella

    gimmicky (fb)

  • Jelita78

    what on earth is this?
    it looks like those bags they’re selling for tourist at the italian market! (ipad)