Fendi Sfilata Divided SatchelAlright, I’ll admit it. I haven’t been overly friendly to Fendi in the past. You might even say I’ve been critical; some would say overly critical. I just say honest. But not only is the Fendi Sfilata Divided Satchel a major It Bag for spring, but I actually love it. It has its faults, don’t get me wrong. Most obviously, that it looks an awful lot like an Hermes Kelly. But the Kelly is a timeless shape, and one that many other brands have bogarted (I’m looking at you, Chanel), so you can hardly blame Fendi for giving us their own version. Theirs has a bit of slouch and distressing to it that the Hermes model is certainly not known for, and it may be designed in a way that is actually a good bit more functional. Instead of a flap, the Sfilata Satchel has a turnlock closure on both sides and what appears to be a fairly rigid divider down the middle (or perhaps only the top is rigid – hard to tell). For all of you organized women out there (of which I am certainly not one), something like this has to be a great way to help keep your purse neat and tidy, especially compared to a giant slouchy hobo that turns into a handbag black hole and eats your stuff (which describes, oh, basically all of my bags). At nearly $2600, I can’t call this purse inexpensive, but compared to the traditional Kelly option at more than twice that, it might be a downright bargain. Buy through Saks for $2590.

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  • rainbow

    wonderful! J love it…

  • Marion

    Classic and black! Easy to work with! :D

  • fuchsiafury

    As I look over this purse, I am struck by the feeling that I have seen a reincarnation of it before. It does draw inspiration from the Hermes Kelly, but it really looks like it channels elements from Celine’s Watch Me Work bag! (https://www.purseblog.com/handbags/celine-watch-me-work-bag.html)

    It beats me why this would be an “It Bag” contender?

  • Ping

    Bagsnob also raved about this bag, but for some reason it does not “speak” to me. It cannot be compared to a Kelly which i love. I don’t think it even looks like, not like the Gucci Bouvier bag, which was a complete rip off of Hermes’ trim bag.
    I even went to the Fendi store and saw this in person and just can’t bring myself to be bothered. I have the classic Fendi baguette from 10 years ago..other than that, have not been that excited over Fendi in ages…

  • dela

    According to Fendi website it’s called Peekaboo

  • my new bag

    I first thought this was very interesting, a bag that manages to hold
    things in separate areas, and like the choice to keep the sides open and sloppy chic…and so to me it is only the outside that might resemble the Kelly,
    a one trick pony.

  • renier

    LOL peekaboo? A beautiful bag but a horrible name! i cant believe its been approved as peekaboo…. maybe you read wrong, Dela.

  • Longchamp

    No she’s right, it’s the peekaboo. I have never liked Fendi before but I like this bag.

  • Fabutopia

    perfect for work :) Simple and elegant and not all logo-ed out!


  • pursemama

    Yesterday I had a chance to actually see this bag in person, it was the large size Peekaboo in caviar black leather. It caught my eye in the display case because it indeed looked like the Hermes Kelly, this bag happened to be specially ordered. The large reminded me of a briefcase unfortunately but the Fendi rep. informed that the medium is more like a good sized handbag and then I believe they had even a smaller version. According to the San Francisco Saks, you can only acquire this handbag by ordering it, they will NOT have these bags with their regular inventory. It is a stunning bag and well made and the bag looks great with BOTH sides left open instead of one side. I’m really thinking of ordering the medium size, I love that it doesn’t have a huge Fendi logo on it either.

  • Merve

    I think i’ll save up for the Kelly. Havent liked Fendi in ages and now they just annoyed me more by blatantly coping Hermes. IT bag? I dont think so.

  • holly

    I just don’t love this bag, something about it screams mom’s laptop bag to me, and I don’t like that. >_>

  • B

    I’m not quite sure yet if I like this, but I do love the look of the leather!

  • baby boo

    i havent been liking fedni at all recently and i have to say i still dont this bag does not appeal to me at all

  • Babs

    This is one of my favorite bags! Called the Peekaboo because many versions of this bag have the luxury on the inside…..such as snakeskin etc.

  • Ace

    not the design style I like, but the fabric may be unique. http://www.backpack123.com really amazing!

  • Lovebag100

    They definitely have some interesting variations out there but the bone PYTHON is to die for!