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  • Gigi

    Loving all of the fun straps!

    • Elizabethhbormann

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  • ElainePG

    Fendi is getting too busy for me. Flowers on ruffles on sequins on zippers, topped off with fancy-schmancy straps… enough, already! Give me the sleek elegance of an original BTW or 2Jours any day.

    • Sparkletastic

      Yes!!! I was thinking this collection makes me fall more OUT of love with Fendi.

  • Pete

    It looks like the Dot-Com is having its moment.

  • Alex

    That backpack in slide 13 is what dreams are made of… But the rest of it looks a bit too much like the kitschy Dolce & Gabbana bags to me.

    • ?? ?

      YES! dolce&gabbana vividly portrayed!!!

  • Annie

    slides 6 and 21 literally took my breath away. I love the peekaboo and i think we can officially classify it a classic bag!! (the just makes me feel better about buying another peekaboo)

    • Dwightinha

      I fell for the exact same two!

  • HelloHappylife

    I hate to say it but these bags look like old scraps left over from an old lady scrap book project.

  • B Franklin

    In love with 6, 13, and 17. Take my money!!

  • Imgoingbroke

    Lovely, every single once of them.

  • Electric Daisy

    I am liking the chain shoulder bag version of the DotCom bag!

  • Saymama

    All so yummy looking!!

  • mary

    i want to say take my money but they are not enough xD