Is this just a waste of perfectly good python? I don’t know, maybe it is me, but something doesn’t seem right here. The Fendi Python Baguette Bag uses gorgeous python but also uses too many colors. Or maybe not? I am thinking that you would have to wear a very very very simple outfit with this handbag. I will say that if you do wear, perhaps, your favorite little black dress, this handbag could be a gorgeous accent. Yet, I fear that upon closer inspection, the bag is still a miss. The shoulder bag has detachable straps and gold hardware. So, help me out here (but ignore the price, for this help), what do you think about this bag? And now to the gasp factor, the price. Buy through Net-a-Porter for $3200.

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  • susan

    Not a bag I would ever consider.

  • ijm

    Waaayyyyyy too busy! Eeeewww. What a waste of python skin. Sniff, Sniff.

  • Cassy

    fendi is so tacky.

  • janis

    I love it!!!

  • christy

    I love the colora, size and shape. What I don’t like is those little gold chains that come out of the bag. Other then that It’s quite nice!

  • bri

    I love the shape and size, but not the color with the python skin. It seems like a little bit of overkill to me.

  • RM

    I actually think this bag is quite nice. It’s not boring, it’s different and exciting. Definitely an eye turner.

  • Rebecca

    Yikes! Who would spend that much $$$ on such a tacky bag in this economy?

  • timachnocarwyn

    I like it. It’s fresh, spring-y and decadent. I would not use the detachable strap, however.

  • CC

    Ick. No thanks. It looks absolutely tacky

  • Megusi

    Usually Fendi’s foray with extreme colour turn me off, but I’m actually digging this bag. The numerous colours are toned down with the python, so they aren’t overboard. This would be a great party bag that doesn’t look like it should be carried by a teenager.

  • Anoka

    I think it is just to much. The color/pattern would work really well on a small, simple clutch, but not this bag. And the price is just freaking outrageous.

  • Allison

    i love it, but can’t afford that price tag.

  • Anita

    I like it.

  • QueenMAB

    I think it’s a love or hate bag. Unfortunately I really hate it.

  • the_kelly_1day

    I find the bag to be one of Fendi’s better present works – nice shape, design, and, yes, the colour. As mentioned the bag does go well with simple black or white, even gold if you are off to a party, or, in fact, any of the colours that appear on the bag. As long as you are not wearing all the colours at the same time, the bag will go with almost everything. It does not appear to be an everyday bag, but still, it is a beautiful creation by Fendi.

  • tony

    although i am a big fan of Fendi baguettes, this python bag is way too over

  • emily*

    I love it.
    I’d also love to carry it during pride in SF!

  • dierregi

    In my eyes, multicolored python with gold chain is very close to Tackyland… Might fit somebody’s lifestyle, but definitely not mine.

  • michelle

    there is something off…. i think it’s the yellow… it doesn’t fade into the other colors as well…

  • Merve

    Dont like the chain or the price but if it was a clucth could be kinda funky with a plain coloured dress.

  • Denisse

    Beautiful purse

  • Cherie L.

    Actually, I’m totally digging this. I think we take snakeskin too seriously and try to limit them to “natural colours”, which are usually 2 or 3 shades of the chrome. This bag is gorgeous. The colours are bold and a little loud but not neon. Hello little black dress!

  • Cali

    Yeaaaahhh… A very good swing but still just a miss. I almost feel like they decided to do something out there and a bit mad but didn’t quite commit to it. It’s certainly a bit different but not shocking enough to get away with. And the gold chain is just plain nasty in my opinion!

  • luvhautecouture

    I’m not into snakeskin!!

  • impursed


  • M_butterfly

    I would say that is not for me but it is pretty!! I like how the colors play with each other.

  • Kelly

    Fendi should have just stopped at the natural Python skin instead of going techni-colour! It just totally ruined what could have been an exotic twist on their classic baguette!!!

  • Denisse

    Same thinking, it’s just not for me but still pretty

  • Kerry

    I love it! so colorful, and it is the perfect little bag for spring.

  • Fashion Archives

    I’m with you on this one. Way too many colors for me. Seems more like candy which cheapens the aspect.

  • hazel

    I don’t like it much, I’m not a fan of rainbow bags. I prefer only 1 or 2 colors, 3 max.

  • MissLoveChanel

    I’m not against using colored python, but I do think this bag has just TOO MANY colors. So much busy color/pattern makes it look somewhat tacky. Maybe he should have made two or three bags…blue and purple and maybe one with yellow and green or turquoise and blue. The shape, style and size are nice, though, and overall the bag is okay. I can see where it might look nice with simple outfits but it’s just not my style.

  • Speedster70

    Bad bag!! My first thought was ‘Oh god not the worst of the 80’s again!”.

  • Babs

    For a particular girl who wantsl to make statement with this one. If is is too much for some it also comes in natural python and red/black python for $2960

  • Joy

    I just love it, yes it is expensive but I think it will give you class if you are wearing the right clothing.

    Per say, I would combine it with a black trapless dress and a pair of shoes the same color as the purse. That, for a brunette, would be simply delicious.

  • Flower

    I have this bag and it is really stunning irl! And seriously I have never had a bag get so many compliments from men! It is a true eyecatcher and goes with A LOT of colored outfits (just don’t use patterns). Really worth the price! And it is also nice that the strap can be carried double or single (even messenger style). What can I say, I’m a fan and it is one of my absolute favourites! :D