It is ok to tell me how absolutely absurd it is to want to spend a good amount of money on a designer felt bag. Because really, intellectually I know it is ridiculous and typically I would agree with you. But my handbag-loving-emotions are taking over and I am seriously head-over-heels in love with the Fendi Felt Peekaboo Tote.

It is made with felt. Yes, felt. As in the material my mom and I used to go buy for me to use when creating a school project. Because it is inexpensive and not exactly a luxury material. My logic has left the building. Even after seeing every covetable option Fendi created of the Peekaboo, this somehow is the version that I seriously desire.

This version of the Peekaboo looks so soft that I want to cuddle with it. I want to buy it and then carry it around during the day and sit it next to me on the couch at night. And maybe we will share a glass of wine by the fire while reading a Nicholas Sparks novel… (or something).

The gray felt body is spruced up with the leopard print peeking out. The leopard print is on calf hair and the rest of the interior is lined in black suede. This combination is subtle but perfectly suited for my personal style. I think Fendi has been reading PurseBlog and figured out this is the bag for me. Ok, so it might be a little blase, especially for the exorbitant price tag. But I still want it. Check back to Net-A-Porter for it to stock for $2,670.

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  • Mary

    For the first time in a long time, a truly original bag idea. I like!

  • Jen

    This is my favorite iteration of the Peekaboo. I think that the felt lends nicely to the concept of “unveiling” via a felt blanket an inner bag. I wonder if you have to dry clean the bag? :-)

  • Caroline

    The Fendi Peekaboo is highest on my handbag list as well! It even tops every Chanel bag in the world,
    1. How freaking awesome is the design with the peek inside?
    2. How awesome is the name?
    Love it!


  • gpc

    Megs, get a Snuggie instead – it is alot cheaper :)

  • Noufa

    I love love love the bag , it’s practical and chic in the same time, the colour goes with everything and the modern leopard print makes the bag edgy , hope I can get it soooooon :)))).

  • Roe

    Seriously love the bag and seriously hate that price tag for felt. I’m thinking I need a bag with a touch of leopard for fall tho!

  • !!!

    ok, yes it is felt. but it is most definitely not the same craft felt you are thinking of. felting is only the technique. i am sure it a very very high quality wool felt that was probably felted by hand and feels amazing. do not discount felt as being cheap. it is just different. it is also the oldest form of fabric making in existence. the neanderthals felted themselves boots among other things. just think of this bag as being wool vs. leather. i think it is brilliant design (best i’ve seen in a while) and i can guarantee given the caliber of fabrics that fendi typically works with, this is not your preschooler’s felt.

  • babe

    @gpc – exactly that was my first thought! I adore the Peekaboo style in many variations and this felt version is cute, but the price is ridiculous. And in this light colour felt looks shabby very soon, not in a nice way. I must know because at my kids school which is dedicated to craftmanship we work with felt all the time! :-)
    second thought – if somebody does not have to think about the money and practicality this is the most beautiful and sophisticated bag on the blog since a long time.

  • MizzJ

    Hmm interesting comment by !!! – I hope they’re right and that there is at least one reason to qualify this bag’s price! I can see why you’re drawn by it Megs, but I hope for your hubby’s sake, he won’t be replaced as a snuggle partner by this Fendi purse ;)

  • Iamjij

    Love the leopard print peek not OTT but just enough to bring out the fierce! Am a bit iffy on the felt too, but I’m sure it’s wool and handloomed haha! For that price tag it better be :)

  • Demi

    Sorry, but I don’t like it. I prefer leather bags. For that much money, you can buy a Chanel!

  • Mary

    I am just floored, and not in a good way. FELT? I agree get a snuggie instead. Heck you can get a few dozen cases of snuggies and still have enough left for a $1000 designer leather bag like the epi speedy from lv.

  • De

    I have a Fendi peekaboo and I love it, the only bad thing is that some people actually think it’s weird – the fact that it is supposed to be worn opened. Some of my friends actually asked: why is your bag always opened? After explaining that it is called peekaboo, they still won’t believe me that it is supposed to be worn opened. I had to find pictures of the bag in the fendi campaign ads to show them. And countless people have said to me: excuse me, but your purse is opened.

    I love my peekaboo, but when people question it, I start to question whether I look weird wearing it opened or not. :S

  • mochababe73

    I like the idea, but for the price, it should be sueded leather not felted felt.
    I am still on the fence with the whole peekaboo concept, but I am a sucker for animal print.

  • Babi

    Never been a Fendi fan, but this bag kept calling my name and in july I succumbed (with a simple medium peekaboo in black goatskin and zucca lining).
    I think it’s a great bag, very functional, yet classic.
    And these new versions and the different colors and materals make it even more tempting.
    This one is adorable

  • nini

    I wouldn’t spend so much on felt. (ipad)

  • Jelita78

    is this like a copy of hermes birkin/ kelly thingy?
    yeah, i know the lining makes the difference but still, it’s not like we’re showing off lining.. COACH has longgg time come up with gorgeous lining – houndstooth, leopard, legacy stripe.. so do lockheart to speak of lining.. so this basically nothing new to me.. (ipad)

    • Dylan Propst

      Then don’t buy it. That simple:)