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“Classic,” when it comes to handbags, is an idea everyone conceptualizes a little differently. A bag can be classic-looking without being a classic, and today, my interest lies in the latter concept. When it comes to designer bags, classics are a small group that rarely expands; it takes a special piece not to look dated after a handful of years, and the current market emphasizes seasonal trends to help churn through inventory. Still, there are a few contenders.

For my money, the Fendi Peekaboo Bag is the design most likely to eventually join the ranks of the Chanel Classic Flap, Hermes Birkin and Dior Lady Dior. Not only does the bag have the traditional, sophisticated structure and versatility that are hallmarks of designs that can go the distance, but the Peekaboo has already done one very important, very difficult thing that few other handbags can do: it’s made a comeback.

The Peekaboo debuted in 2009, and at first, it did what freshly debuted designer bags normally do: the Peekaboo enjoyed a couple years of popularity and then got rotated to the back of the lineup in favor of whatever Next Big Things the brand had in the pipeline. Generally, that’s followed by a bag being mostly ignored and then eventually put out to pasture quietly, when people are unlikely to notice its eventually absence. Instead of that slow march into the sunset, Fendi decided to reintroduce the Peekaboo and shoppers ate it up.

It’s not unheard of for brands to try and re-promote a bag that was once very popular, but it rarely works. Shoppers want novelty, and most bags that are eligible for re-promotion just don’t have the enduring appeal necessary to feel fresh instead of dated when a customer sees them again, five years down the road. The Peekaboo has already passed that test with flying colors, and there’s not reason to think it won’t stick around for a long time.

Also worth noting is the Peekaboo’s positioning within Fendi’s lineup; the bag is the brand’s most expensive, on average, and bags that become enduring classics usually hold that spot in their designers’ collections. After all, if a design is destined for greatness, it should at least be the best in its class. For instance, the one you see above can be yours for $3,550 via Net-a-Porter.

Now, you tell me: which currently popular bag do you think we’ll be seeing for a long, long time to come?

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  • Sandy

    I am personally not a fan but it would appear that the Mansur Gavriel bucket bag seems to be going strong.

    • Li Man Wah

      It’s becoz of its marketing strategy that u hardly get one

    • Linda

      Love the MG bucket bag. While shopping at Neiman Marcus the manager of handbag department stopped me and asked who made the BEAUTIFUL Pink bag! She called other women working to see it. I then went to Louis Vuitton and same thing happened…everyone asked about the very plain handbag I was carrying. I sometimes add a Fendi bag bug for fun. Went to a party, all the women asked about it, and ordered one. I decided one was not enough, I had to have four more. Two tone, backpack, tumble leather. I am reading about them in every fashion magazine and blogs. Seeing celebrity’s carrying them too.

  • Lisa

    Saint Laurent Sac de Jour.

    • Matthew

      I could also see the Sac de Jour staying around, particularly the Baby size.

  • FashionableLena

    Christian Dior Diorama.

  • Allie

    Chanel boy bag definitely

    • Sparky

      Yes, TOTALLY agree.

  • TheModMazza

    Potential Classics:
    Fendi Peekaboo
    YSL Sac de Jour
    Chanel Boy
    Givenchy Antigona
    Gucci Dionysus
    LV Capucines

    • Salma

      Gucci makes me so nervous! i am apprehensive about it as i lost a lot of money trying to resell gucci bags before… so this time around i’m skeptical! also about the antigona even though i love it so much
      But the rest of your list i could agree more:) definitely would be classics

    • Pamela

      I think the Sac de jour and chanel boy are def going to be classics. I wonder about Fendi. I don’t think Antigona will last much longer TBH

      • Marna452

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  • Katy ;P

    Chanel Boy, Prada Saffiano Lux Tote, Bottega Knot clutch, Ralph Lauren Ricky Bag

    • dela

      RL Ricky Bag never really took off but the style does lend itself to the classic status.

      • girlscoutnocookie

        If it was never in, it will never be out :)

      • Kristoffer

        Right on the money.

      • Sparky

        I really want to like the bag because its such good quality but I have two problems with it: closing it is cumbersome (looping straps, buckles, wings, etc) and the hardware is unappealing. Reminds me of a combination lock from a school locker. Who knows, maybe it’ll eventually grow on me.

    • crescent

      Totally agree with Prada.

  • sev2108

    Most of the bags listed below are already (or close to classics), in my opinion.

    A newer design that seems to have staying power is the Chloe Drew. I know it’s relatively new compared to some below, but it seems to be sticking around!

    • TheModMazza

      I have to disagree, as Chloe tends to just be a fad brand.

      • Lisa Jones

        Fad brand? If you research lists for the most iconic bags, the Chloe Paddington is listed more times than not.

      • Justice J. Srisuk

        Surprisingly, I think that Chloe® might end up becoming a major presence in the luxury handbag and accessories market. Their brand of casual bohemian luxury appeals to a lot of young consumers who would normally not taken to nags from brands like Gucci® or Louis Vuitton®. They’ve come a long way from the ‘Paddington’ days of yesteryear.

  • Lori

    I had always assumed the Peekaboo bag was already a classic as they have been making it for so many years and it still looks great.

  • Aurore de La Gorce

    Givenchy Antigona, and YSL Sac de Jour !

  • Jennifer McGee

    Along with the Sac de Jour I thing the Saint Laurent Matelasse Monogram Shoulder bag along with the YSL tote are destined to be classics. I’m just a little obsessed with the YSL brand these days.

  • KloeF

    I definitely agree… and that’s partly why I purchased my own Peekaboo, in medium Selleria grey leather. I absolutely love it, and it does feel like a classic already.

    • Lori

      That is a gorgeous bag you purchased. I would want that one too.

    • Monica

      I consider to buy Peekaboo from weeks on. Love it. Navy blue leather ,medium. And my only concern is how it looks after years of usage. How it keeps the shape. It cost a lot IMO and I want to enjoy it long. How long you have it? Do you use it as a main bag or seasonally? I keep always a lot of stuff in my bag. Sometimes heavy paper. Do you think it can loose the shape? I have double Prada in saffiano and it is incredible. After year still looks brand new. For example. Can you share your tougths? Thanks a lot.

  • Misscheng

    The LV speedy and neverfull are both on the lower end of the price spectrum, and I’d consider those classics. This may be a stretch, but what about the Celine Trio? It’s so simple that I can’t see it ever not being a staple.

    • Ruth

      I agree with the trio! It’s not trendy, it’s definitely a classic in my book.

  • Kater Mikesch

    Fendi Peekaboo, Chanel Boy

  • dvn85

    Any thoughts on the Phanton, Luggage or Nano?

    • Misscheng

      Don’t get me wrong, I love my Celine, but I could see those looking dated eventually.

  • Susan

    The Celine Box Bag.
    The Gucci Padlock Signature Top Handle

    • Misscheng

      Celine box for sure!

  • Yingzi Shao

    i personally think Chloe Faye will become a classic. what’s your thoughts?

    • Jerri R

      Oh yes! Saw one in person and I instantly fell in love with it. Almost ran away together:)

  • Lana

    I love the Prada saffiano luxe tote and consider it a classic – but think the company itself has diminished. The fact you can get prada bags now on Groupon or Overstock really takes away from its luxury. I have 2 prada bags I paid full price for and will not be buying anymore because of this.

  • Linda

    I remember buying my first Louis Vuitton satchel now called “Speedy” in 1979. (Back then dust bags were not given with handbags). I was a Freshman in college and all the girls had that bag. I still have it, looks amazing, haven’t used it in 35 years, but cannot part with it because that was the beginning of my obsession with designer handbags. It came in a mini size and I bought that for every baby girl I knew. I was blessed with two sons, so I never was able to buy one for my own child. They stopped making it for few years, and I always said one day. While shopping at LV with a friend in 2013, there was one in window and without a second thought I bought it for myself. I hang it as an accessory from every other designer bags. Now with all of the fake knock off bags around, it makes me cringe when I walk into a restaurant and see chairs filled with fake LV’s. That bag sticks out to be a classic.
    I LOVE Every designer mentioned by everyone, but these are some other classics…
    Christian Louboutin Paloma
    Celine Luggage and Phantom
    The 2000 Kate Spade tote.
    Marc Jacobs Stam was a classic for a few years, not a fan of the past few years collection.
    Balenciaga City Bag
    Prada double zip or double tote.
    Some GREAT Jimmy Choo’s.
    The late 1990’s/2000 Isabella Fiore’s beaded bags…Just to name a few..?????

  • SPA

    I think Fendi Peekaboo, Celine Trio.

  • Jade Manalac

    Aside from Peekaboo, I think Balenciaga City, Givenchy Antigona and Celine Luggage are definitely bound to be a classic handbag.

  • Justice J. Srisuk

    You guys should publish a post entitled “PurseBlog Asks: What discontinued bag was unfairly maligned and/or you think should’ve caught on and become a classic?” There are so many bags that I think we’re intelligently designed and should’ve been classics but they just never developed a following. You should definitely do a post like that!

    • Passerine

      Agree! FWIW, I think the LV Trevi was one of their best designs, period, and definitely one of the best in DE. I know that most of the posts over on TPF were raves. You continue to see the bag pop up in high-end ads (mostly for fake residents in super expensive real estate developments) so it’s kept its cachet even after being discontinued. Plus the bag is surprisingly durable and with just regular care will still be in great shape years, maybe decades, from now. The Trevi (PM version) was my first LV and I still regard it as my smartest premium designer purchase.

  • Justice J. Srisuk

    I honestly think that the Louis Vuitton® Petit Malle minaudière is a classic in the making.

    Though it isn’t really practical by any means, it’s just so damn cute while celebrating the rich history and heritage of the house of Louis Vuitton, something that no other bags they produce does.

    It’s aesthetically iconic, highly visually distinctive, immediately recognizable; I have a feeling that it’s going to eventually on the level of the Bottega Veneta® Knot clutch or some of the Judith Leiber® crystal-encrusted minaudières.

  • Darja

    Givenchy Antigona
    Loewe Puzzle
    Philip Lim Pashli

  • Dave

    Don’t forget Loewe Amazona bag or Loewe Puzzle bag.

  • Dave

    Both Loewe bags are JW Anderson’s jewels.

  • hikarupanda

    This is an interesting question, especially when you clarified that you are talking about a classic but not necessarily classic-looking. After buying (and selling) lots of bags and brands in the past 10+ years, I feel like nowadays I’m more interested in classic-looking bags that don’t necessarily have a huge group of followers (apparently I’m kinda sick of seeing everyone having the same bag), rather than a bag that everyone is saying is a classic but I personally feel kinda blah.

    I’d say for now, the one bag I personally feel like will become (if not already is) a classic AND classic looking is the Celine box bag.

  • JKNY

    Yes to the Peekaboo. And thank God it now comes in a convenient bag charm size for something like $1,600, since that’s the only Peekaboo I can (barely) afford. ;)

  • I think the Sac de jour and chanel kid are def going to be works of art lovemyfashions. I ponder about Fendi. I don’t think Antigona will last any longer TBH

  • Jerri R

    Speaking of a bag losing its appeal, it’s amazing how NOBODY wants to be caught dead with a Fendi Spy or a YSL Muse these days.

  • Chanel Boy, Prada!

  • Sinestezic

    Love it!

    Madalina from Sinestezic