What is this that we have here? Do my eyes deceive me? Is this a Fendi bag that I not only like, but would also semi-seriously consider purchasing for myself? This is the second time in several days that I’ve found myself having these thoughts (the first time was about an ornate baguette that Vlad photographed at Design Miami), and it sort of makes me wonder – might Fendi be at the beginning of an accessories design upswing?

Fendi Mini Chain Shoulder Bag

It’s too soon to say, but based on the beautiful bags at their Spring 2010 runway show in Milan, I’m hopeful. It would be great to have Fendi back as one of the leaders of the designer pack.

As far as this bag goes, though, its design just seems terribly current to me. It’s the right bag for the right period in time when the right trends are happening. It’s small, slightly retro and built for crossbody wear, the logo embossing actually provides texture instead of just name recognition, and the color and giant tassel are fun and irreverent. But the best part is the price. At a sub-$600 MSRP for a cute, trendy leather bag, Fendi actually has the opportunity to reach out to a young, hip crowd that might breath new life and interest into their accessories line. Buy through Saks for $595.

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  • MAX

    Honestly I like it, but it looks a lot like Fossil bag that I bought for my mom few years ago. The price is good too reasonable for leather bag. I’m still thinking about that Plastic CHANEL bag for $ 3000. Jesus I can’t believe it.

  • bex

    doesn’t this seem like the crossbody version of the YSL belle du jour wristlet, or a miniaturized version of the old-school chanel camera bags?

    • Yeah, I wouldn’t call this an “original” idea by any means, but neither is anything else. It’s still nice to see something wearable and accessible from Fendi.

  • Debbie

    This looks almost exactly like the chain strap channel tassel purse, the one shaped like a box. But, channel’s is nicer.

  • Debbie

    i apologize for my chanel spelling ;-)

  • !!!

    it’s cute, but in the most boring way.

    who wants a fendi that is basically a chanel?

  • Miss.Cherie

    I was just about to mention that, Debbie. :-)

    I much prefer the Chanel, but this is still really cute! And and less than half the price ;-) I appreciate you posting this, Amanda. Even though it is certainly not “original”. I guess it’s a stylish bag that everyone loves, with a Fendi twist on it. It’s great to see Fendi in a more practical and wearable way.


  • 19yearslater

    This is a great bag, it would look good on the shoulder of a young hipster, and it does not look like a direct copy of any Chanel. Small bags with long straps are in style right now, and any designer is game to make them.

  • Michael St. James

    Maybe for Rihanna or Carrie Bradshaw?!?

  • Anna Cooperberg Gzz.

    This bag is so cute; I adore its simplicity, and then that tassel just adds a hunt of busyness. Perf :) I’m imaging how wonderful that cherry orange color would look with a light grey…

  • chirpy_gal

    Ssweet and functional for a quick go …… :) …….

  • Sarah

    The first day that Saks put this on their website, the name under the picture said the Fendi Chanel bag. The name has since been changed, but really, Fendi, is this the best you can do? I have a vintage red Chanel bag that is identical minus the Fendi print.

  • birkel

    FENDI FENDI FENDI where have you gone the lost kid of fashion strikes again such a shame fendi is gone for now well at least louis will have a companion

  • abbi

    i have to say this bag looks horrible…

  • bigshopper1

    Must – Have. Chain Strap bag dresses up a look without being overly flashy.

  • danie

    what’s the point, i would rather have a Chanel. I’m still waiting for something that moves me about Fendi…

  • rachel david

    Red bag with chain model are symbols of special occasion and the picture above is attractive. Similar bags and more designs are still available at www innanyc com

  • Adrienne Zedella

    tassle is bigger than the purse (fb)