For a while I was vehemently opposed to tiny bags with long straps. Let me clarify, I am opposed to them for me. Being 5’10 and not a waif, the thought of an extremely small bag dangling at my side seemed absurd (similar to how many petite women find oversized bags silly on their bodies). So riddle me this, today I am digging an entirely small bodied bag WITH logos and a rainbow tassel. Who am I and what have I done with my other self?

Really, this is all kinds of unlike me. And liking this being so unlike me, makes me like this bag even more. I like the idea of carrying the Fendi Mini Chain Multicolor Tassel Bag on a night out or when I’m going on a quick errand run. No need to mess with a heavy shoulder bag, just a long chain link strap and compact body. The body of the bag is large enough to fit a cell phone, credit cards, cash, lipstick. And these are the essentials for many of us, though if you are a mom and going out with your kids it is a whole different story.

The style of the bag is made to have a long drop, 22″ to be exact. And the perfect finishing touch to the monogram Fendi coated canvas; a multicolored oversized tassel. Expect accessories for your bags to reign supreme this Spring (Louis Vuitton is all over this trend) and Fendi is right in queue. Measurements are 5″W X 4″H X 1¾”D. Price is rather steep, buy through Saks for $560.

Do I need some sense knocked into me?

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  • HandbagReport

    No, you don’t need some sense knocked into you! It’s really cute! The multicolored tassels really make the bag. I don’t usually like bags covered in logos, however, I’d make an exception with this one! Love it!

  • Norman Lee Boughman III

    Ive seen this on the Saks website myself. Personally, i would spend the extra $35 and get the all leather one in black.

  • Stacy

    it is an adorable bag with a not so cute price tag for canvas.

  • Handbag Lover

    It is okay..i will pass on this on tho. If I had to get a small bag, I would prefer the one by Tory Burch.

  • Nancy

    Very cute.

  • reese

    Sorry. Total Fug. Maybe one day on the clearance rack…

  • Kelly

    Hi Megs. I’m curious to know how you get on with having so many bags. Do you change them to go with your out fit or do u have a favourite one that you use for a while until you feel like a change? Also do u transfer everything from one to the other when changing bags or do you have one of those bag organizers inside your bag that you just put into the next one you’re going to use? Thanks. KellyL

  • 19yearslater

    I don’t believe I’ve ever liked a Fendi logo bag, but I like this one! That tassel with the chain strap made me fall for this cutie.

  • nielnielniel

    tassle is nice but price is steep

  • Merve

    I think my mum had a similar fendi bag in the 80s. I would swing the strap over and make it cross body. Im not down with the long strap/small bag trend yet.

  • atrophia

    I think the tassel bit is kind of cute, but with a few very rare exceptions (for example, like the LV cherry blossom design, which I predominantly like for the cherry blossoms and not for the LV logo), I hate logos plastered all over the fabric, and I can’t see myself ever buying something like this as a result.

  • Cheryl

    Not a huge fan of the tassel. I will have to pass on this one.

  • chloehandbags

    I really like the shape and the tassel and the fact it has a long strap, but I don’t like the monogram fabric.

    BTW, having thought about this, I don’t think it’s so much about being shorter, or taller, or thinner, or fatter; I think it’s more about proportion.

    Small bags with long straps look best on women with wide-ish shoulders (or shoulder pads!) and the majority of their weight higher up their bodies (i.e. not so much on their thighs/lower hips), IMO.

    This is because you, ideally, want the strap to hang fairly straight (rather than at an angle) and because the bag will tend to draw attention to the part of the body it rests against.

  • Beth

    It’s cute, but it looks so much like it came straight out of someone’s 1980’s collection of Fendi’s. I might be more attracted to it if it WERE vintage.

  • Carolesang

    I went to Fendi to check it out Friday… Very cute, but VERY small indeed. I did LOVE the soft leather tassle and opted for the little change purse with a tassle that you can clip on any bag. A bit less expensive (still 200 euro). They also had a wallet with the tassle but not practical really unless just used for a clutch as the tassle would get funky inside another bad I am afraid. They also had black, with black tassle, but I think what makes this is the colored tassle. So, go for it I say (and check out the change puse option)!

  • Fetish4Purses

    2 cute.

  • Annie

    I kept coming back here to look at that adorable little bag. I feel so weak. I caved and got it at Saks. I’m soooo weak. However, the cuteness is off the scale and I have a thing for tassels and chain straps. Combine both elements in one…. I am helpless.

  • Elyse

    the tassel is awesome – but I think that it would look so much better in black (fb)

  • Adrienne Zedella

    YUCK!!!!!!! (fb)

  • vila

    I got this bag from sak website I thought it was so cute but when it arrive I was disappoint b/c it was alot smaller that what I aspected. So I ended up return it will invest in something a bit more room.