It’s a Fendi kind of day. Amanda posted earlier about the Fendi Beaded Clutch and it kind of inspired me a bit. She was dead on when she talked about Fendi’s glory days dating back to Sex and the City. This multicolored box clutch has what I certainly consider to be gorgeous hand stitched and painted cotton flower detailing.

Fendi Floral Box Clutch

With a satin front, black leather lining and silver tone trim, this clutch is surely a head turner. Besides the price, the only thing I am not a fan of is the fastening top; it just doesn’t fit with the rest of the bag. But, I might be able to look past that and go back to focusing on the fact that I actually found a flirty Fendi bag I wouldn’t mind carrying around. Buy through Net-a-Porter for $2140.

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  • Linda

    Way too much money!

  • renee

    This is such a sweet, delicate, little bag. It makes me think of little ballerinas. Then you turn it around and it is an ugly black, blank, blah bummer….

  • fuchsiafury

    This bag channels Valentino – but in an arts-and-craft kind of way. What is attractive about this bag is the color scheme! For a spring wedding – it’d be perfect!

  • Beth

    It’s so nice to see a bag featured on this page that I like! (I just haven’t been a big fan of anything much for the past few weeks… sourpuss me.) This reminds me of a perfume bottle… very feminine, very pretty. That closure up top? Almost like the cap atop the glass bottle of a lovely floral fragrance! The price? Yeah… nonsense.

  • TH

    I would love to see how they priced this bag…20 roses…ooo, let’s make it $2,000, then $140 for the chain. Well, $100 per rose, not bad.


    Totally agree with you on the clasp. TOO MUCH! Fendi could do better, but lets face facts, BRANDING! How about the bottom right rose with a small FF logo dead center. But you are right. I would totally notice this fierce bag on anyone.

  • Merve

    I take back the comment i made on the baguettes. Better circa 1996 than flower catastrophe. And whats up with the clasp? It just doesnt go. And the other side is just plain black satin is it? Im no clutch designer but wouldnt it have been better to stick to creamy satin? I think Fendi got confused here. One minute they were thinking lets make a girly flowery clutch and the next minute they said no wait lets make an edgy clutch and add some bold colours and a bold clasp. I am confused Mr Lagerfeld.

  • Cherie L.


  • Jane H.

    Off with the clasp!

  • Michelle

    The cost of this bag far outweighs what it looks like for me. I think it a great unique bag but has little use in my wardrobe. Very pretty though. I found this great deal on an older Fendi handbag the other day. I am so excited! I was checking out one of those discount stores online and decided to give em a shot. The handbag is beautiful. They are also part of the Better Business Bureau. Take a look if you want discount authentic fendi handbags


    This bag seems overpriced for what it actually is. Good bag, not too sure about the back being black though. Merve and Chanelman I agree on the clasp/clip at the top, it doesnt fit with the bag.

  • Angelaina

    I love this one . Its too much loving because rose is a sign of love.

  • Adrienne Zedella

    OMG That is AWFUL!!!! Who is going to carry THAT thing around? (fb)

  • nini

    One rose is cute…but this is a bit too much… (ipad)