Fendi 8The Fendi Spring 2010 Handbags Collection is the very definition of a “mixed bag.” Har har, bag pun. I know, it was bad. I’ll stop.

Anyway, yes, the bags! Some were amazing – the new soft leather Peekaboos with wood or clear plastic handles were among my favorites, and the addition of exposed stitching, combined with the different handle textures, gives the shape a sense of style that it was missing in its more staid initial iterations. The bags look touchable and a bit vintage, just like the rest of Karl Lagerfeld’s breezy, Parisian collection for the brand.

Other standouts were the Perspex beveled clutches, some completely clear, others with slight tints or exterior studding. The bags were, of course, shown with nothing inside of them, and putting anything in them would be kind of a shame, but how else are you supposed to carry them? They were beautiful and a tad whimsical as art objects, and if the stuff you carry inside your clutches is very beautiful, they might be a workable choice.

And on the other hand, some things just didn’t work at all. We saw leather totes in a variety of colors with an odd, pansy-embroidered snap-on linen cover that was not only puzzling but also not particularly attractive, and Fendi would have done well to omit those completely and add more of the delicious Peekaboo styles, along with a few of the other wood-framed clutches and bags, to the collection instead. They were almost distractingly bad, but ultimately the preponderance of beautiful bags won out.

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  • Ashley

    Interesting, if I hadn’t read the title to know that these were from the Fendi collection, I would have guessed they were Chloe bags. The stitching on some of them remind me of the Edith.

  • Weaslgrl

    Great minds think alike — the red peekaboo in the main picture is exactly the one I zeroed in on, too. I had pre-ordered a peekaboo in chocolate brown nubuck for fall, but now I’m considering cancelling that & waiting for the spring bags! Thanks for getting this up so quickly, Amanda.

    • I’m not usually one to tell people to cancel bag orders, but I’d wait for this one if you can stand to wait that long. The color is g-g-g-gorgeous. I was pleasantly surprised at how nice a lot of these bags were after you mentioned that I should take a look, normally I’m not much of a Fendi fan but the Peekaboos in this collection are standouts.

      • weaslgrl

        Amanda, I got some info on the spring peekaboos. The ones with the exposed stitching are Selleria leather, entirely handmade, and so far will only come in light colors — beige, cream, white (no guarantee red will hit the U.S.). They start at $4600 and go up from there (the tapestry-front peekaboos are over $6,000). Too rich for my blood, so I stuck with my pre-ordered brown nubuck with red leather trim and zucca lining.

  • edwardy

    the Peek-a-boo will be the sensation of Fendi since the Spy and B Fendi, and the red one shown here is from the Selleria Peek-a-boo which uses the Roman calf leather and it’s fully hand stitch. Selleria Peek-a-boo can be customize according to your preferred color and it also comes with exotic skin as well. Selleria leather is incredibly soft and supple, go to your nearest Fendi store and inquire for it. Price is very reasonable and justify the quality and the workmanship of the bag

    Im one of the SA of Fendi store in KL, Malaysia…and im proud to say that this is a great bag

  • Michael St. James

    i love the lucite clutch and i’m glad to see that the fendi peekaboo is back!


  • Handbag Lover

    These are hot. I love Fendi bags… very nice

  • robertsn6534

    love the looks of these! When will they be available?

    • No set date yet, but Spring/Summer stuff usually starts hitting stores after the winter holiday sales. So, early 2010.

      • robertsn6534

        Thanks Amanda – I am so putting this one on my wishlist for next year! Very casual chic

  • Sweet Pea

    Love the Black Peek-a-boo with Lucite handle, very classic!!! Also lovin the Red…White…Mustard!!! Thanks Fendi for reeling me back, its been too many years since my last purchase!!!!

    • Isn’t that one DIVINE??? Love, love, love the lucite handle.

  • Merve

    The peek-a-boos are lovely but what on earth is that canvas, flower, carpet, cover thing all about? I dont think i’ve seen anything worse.

  • Rebbeca

    I love the Peek-a-boo collection!! Its sooo different u know! It will be one rage!

  • Wittycow

    I am loving this collection, i love Fendi it is by far my most sizable collection.
    bring on the new season !

  • Ash

    I like the black one but would really be concerned with breaking the plastic handle!

    • GK

      i went to the store today and totally fell in LOVE. I’ve been looking for a bag that excites me yet at the same time is every penny worth it. the classic selleria bags are gorgeous and have enough edge to it…I honestly prefer it to even the Hermes Birkin bags. they are classic but still modern and sophisticated, it could really go with everything. Now I have a problem….how can I choose just one color? it seemed impossible. but since it is a 4 month wait to get it after ordering I need to hurry…my favorite colors were the powder blue, black, grass green, and a pinkish apricot color….I think I’m gonna end up buying 2 –;

      As for the plastic handle, the saleslady told me if it does break they can’t put on a new plastic handle but they can switch it to the regular leather handle….thought that was nice. you’d probably get tired of the plastic or wooden handle after a while anyways ~!

  • The Girl in Grey


  • lilobubbletea

    Before all of this, Fendi’s bags are like =( But since the Peekaboo and their Selleria, it’s like =D

  • Bagolicious

    Fabulous, absolutely divine! I was in Fendi, at South Coast Plaza (Costa Mesa,Ca) yesterday and saw a GORGEOUS peekaboo in Bordeaux/Pearly Wine. Gorgeous enough to melt an iceberg!

    When I got home, I looked on line to see who else carries it and found it at http://www.nordstrom.com. I LOVE buying my handbags at Nordstrom as the salespeople are totally on top of things and they have some of the best sales on the planet. So, I’ll wait it out and hope it eventually ends up on sale.

  • nini

    I don’t really get the clear cases… (ipad)

  • Ekaterina

    Sale Fendi Peekaboo www. bb-room.ru