If the brands that I normally make fun of continue to turn out impressive bag collections, what am I going to crack jokes about? With the second lovely presentation by Fendi in as many seasons, it looks like before I know it, the only time I’m going to get to be nasty and snarky is when Versace puts forth a new abomination against handbag design. That’s bad for me as a writer (bad reviews write themselves), but it’s a net gain for handbag lovers everywhere.

Although we saw a logo bag or two in the Fendi Fall/Winter 2010 collection, the vast majority of the collection was comprised of clean, classic shapes, rendered in a subdued, retro palette of browns and orangey-yellows. The styling reminded me of Hitchcock classic Marnie, all mid-60s subdued tailoring and midcentury color combinations. The results were subdued and pretty, with impressive details that weren’t to be missed. My favorite among them was that the brand had embossed the models’ initials on the hang tags of several of the brown leather bags – I wonder if that’s a service that Fendi will provide to customers when these bags are sold at retail.

Photos via Style.com.

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  • sfitting

    some are indeed quiet lovely and others are just meh at best

  • papertiger

    I am amazed how these vintage shapes seem to sifting through nearly all the new collection

    • It really does make you wonder if all the fashion Powers That Be get together and decide on trends beforehand, doesn’t it? I’m editing some photos for a post on Ferragamo right now, and it’s more vintage shapes and shades of brown. There’s also some sueded croc, just like we saw in Gucci.

  • Alex

    some are indeed quiet lovely and others are just meh at best

  • ShoeQueen1961

    I’m salivating over the yellow peek-a-boo tote. All the others move me in no way shape or form–

  • Chris

    The yellow handbag (Fendi 13) is just classy and beautiful.

  • Chava

    For some reason these remind me of the show Mad Men. I think it’s because of the early, classic, 60s-culture kind of image these bring. I love the show and the fashion of the time period, and I think these are utterly classic.

  • annabelle

    i was in a mall in korea a few days ago and went into a fendi store.
    i saw some of the newest collections, but there was one hobo bag i’ve never seen on the 2010 runway~…it had a strap that resembles that of bottega (the whole braided appeal) and the colors ranged from light salmon, pastel purple?, gold tint, white, and black i think?
    i mean i liked it a lot and asked the sales rep, she said it was one of the new collections…i’m startint to doubt her so i wanted to ask you if you’ve seen such a design? i’m going back again to see if it’s there haha

  • Elyse

    some of the best bags I have seen from Fendi in a few years (fb)

  • Joy

    so fendi ;D
    can tell from a mile away ;)

  • Adrienne Zedella

    thanks but no thanks! (fb)

  • nini

    I love number 13!!! (ipad)