One of the breakout bags of 2013 is the Fendi 2Jours Tote, a style that is simply stunning and classic in every way. While Fendi offers a wide range of a sizes, colors and materials for the 2Jours, you can’t underestimate the allure of perfect black bag, and the Fendi 2Jours in black comes close to perfection.

Because we are in the midst of winter, pair your classic bag bag with a creamy winter coat, like this one from J.Crew. The J.Crew Embellished Wool Blend Coat is just as stylish as it is trendy. Of course you could carry a streamlined cream clutch when wearing this coat in the evening, but for daytime, pair this coat with the 2Jours for an ultimate duo. Buy the J.Crew coat for $1,350 via Net-A-Porter and the bag for $2,260 via Net-A-Porter.

Fendi 2Jours
$2,260 via Net-A-Porter

Fendi 2Jours Black

J.Crew Embellished Wool Coat
$1,350 via Net-A-Porter

JCrew Embellished Wool Coat
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