Bag: Fendi Demi-Jour Small Color-Block Shoulder Bag

Price: $1,850

Where to Buy: Purchase via Net-A-Porter

Why it’s the Bag of the Week: Sleek, refined, perfectly color-blocked, plenty large to carry your essentials (plus it’s been on my mind for months), this bag has my hearts this week.

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  • Alaia

    I love this new straightforward concept for the Bag of the Week feature. This bag has a really great structure.

    • We thought you guys might like this, happy to hear you do!

      It’s a beautiful bag, truly!

  • Khaya

    That bag is BEAUTIFUL!!! Go Fendi!!


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  • ElainePG

    I think you posted about this bag a few months ago, because at that time I bookmarked it so I could visit it now & then. I loved it then, I love it still, and goodness knows I always will. But I’m hoping that it will go on sale some day. Maybe next fall, when everyone is getting excited about autumnal colors?

    • We all need to hide our love for the bag so it can go on sale and all PB readers will own it ;)

  • I’m deciding between a 2jours and a demi jours. I tried both yesterday but although I love the shape and structure of the demi jours (it’s so understated and nobody carries it and I love the black version) it’s a real tiny bag for my liking (did you try it IRL?). I tend to carry a lot of stuff with me and a 2jours holds everything so that’s a big plus. I’d go for the 2jours but now thanks to this post, I’m back where I started, can’t decide… Ugh.

    • Honestly, I think I’m going to get a 2Jours. I don’t have either yet, but that is on my life!

  • nappy

    love this new column (?!?!) i also lovin this featured bag… too many on my wishlist! hahaha.. the striped 3jours, a mini heroine, a studded sac du jour mini, and more more more! hahaha

  • Anouk

    OMG! Thank you, PB! You truly are angels in purse heaven! I was just contemplating of looking for another purse that’s less than 2,000euros cuz I find the LV Selene PM lovely but a tad expensive. I will check this baby out! Adding another Fendi in my collection! ;)

    • Ahhh I hope you get it, if you do come back and report!!

      • anouk

        Hi, Megs!!! How have you been?
        I finally have my hands on this very pretty Fendi Demi-Jour and mine is in black-pink combination. I love it to bits albeit I need to edit the things I carry on a daily basis to just the bare Essentials. The best thing about this purse is that one can wear it as a shoulder bag, a crossbody and just handheld like for evenings.

  • Nastasia

    I am in love!