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The Best Street Style Bags from LFW Spring 2023, Day 3

A wide variety rounds out day 3 of LFW!

On day 3 of LFW, we were treated to a nice variety of bags. There really was a bit of everything from Balenciaga and Bottega Veneta to Celine and Chanel. The outfits themselves were chic as always but wearable for the most part, and I personally cannot take my eyes off of that pink Balenciaga sweater. As temps begin to cool off in some parts of the world and fall dressing begins, this set of street style is chock full of inspiration. There are a fair amount of long trench coats and dusters, plus over-the-knee boots that prove you can still wear your skirts and dresses through fall!

As for the bags, we weren’t all that surprised to see the usual suspects make the rounds, particularly the Chanel 22 bag, which like it or not is here to stay, the Loewe Hammock bag, which continues to be a favorite of the fashion set, The Prada Cleo and more. Personally the more I see the Miu Wander bag being carried, the more I really want it! Check out the full set of bags below!

Bottega’s latest, Celine, Chanel and More

LFW Street Style Bags Day 2 10
LFW Street Style Bags Day 2 14
LFW Street Style Bags Day 2 20

images via Claire Guillon for PurseBlog


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  1. Kaly Avatar

    I agree, that pink Bal sweater is everything and I love the way the green Chanel flap POPS against it!!

  2. Candee C. Avatar
    Candee C.

    I may be redundant, but I just love these posts! Everyone is creative and fashionable! I also see bags that I never knew existed!

    1. Krissy Avatar


  3. EconomicallySavvy Avatar

    The fashion though😍😍😍

  4. datura Avatar

    Balenciaga ripping off the Tesco Value range, haha.

  5. lalarey Avatar

    Don’t get me wrong, she is 100% giving off cool lady vibes, but the woman with the Bottega Kalimero looks like a complete caricature of “person attending NY fashion week” lol- from the short blunt hair all the way down to the mismatched boots.

  6. Rachel G Avatar
    Rachel G

    Unpopular opinion I’m sure but then Chanel 22 is basically a quilted version of the Stella McCartney Falabella bag -down to the circular charm on the strap. If that bag didn’t say Chanel nobody would buy it

    1. Monica D Avatar
      Monica D

      At last someone says what I think! I have been looking for this comment every time I see the Channel 22. 🙂

      1. Rachel Goldstein Avatar
        Rachel Goldstein


    2. Hera Avatar

      Absolutely! I mentioned this under a chanel post some time ago – to me, the 22 is a Falabella dupe ;P And the Falabella does not seem to be popular right now, but the 22 is a big thing? It really is just about the logo at this point.
      Also: the boy crossbody bag seems like a dupe of the chloe nile, down to the buttons on the strap, and the chanel bag made of pearls is identical to a susanna chow bag. These days I just see other brands when chanel releases a new bag

  7. Irene Avatar

    That Gucci-Adidas collab swimmers cap thing looks stupid .