Fashion Week

The Best Bags of Milan Fashion Week Fall 2022: Day 2

A little bit of Prada and a lot of fun

Fashion month continues, and we’re here for the fashion, the fun, and of course…the bags! Milan brought the bag heat immediately (check out day 1 here), and we’re excited to see what else the streets of Milan bring us throughout the week. As for day 2? We saw plenty of Prada, a little bit of Bottega, some pops of color, and more. The outfits this time around are stylish, chic, and pretty wearable for the most part!

I predict you’ll all be running, not walking, to the resale market when you see the entire getup of the mystery gal below with her Fendi Spy bag in hand. Also, there’s one under-the-radar bag that keeps popping up again, and again, and again, and appears to be a favorite amongst the fashion set. I’m talking about Maison Margiela’s Floral Tapestry Bags. The star of fashion month, perhaps? I guess we will see what the rest of Milan and Paris have to say about that!

The Best Street Style Bags from MFW Day 2


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