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The Best Bags of New York Fashion Week Fall 2022: Day 2

See what the streets had to offer on the second day of NYFW


New York Fashion Week is coming to a close, but fear not, we’ve still got plenty of bags to show you! Day 2 of NYFW brought us some pretty great bags as show-goers reveled in the unseasonably warm temperatures for a mid-February day. They didn’t last long, though, because day 3 brought with it a flurry of flurries to go along with the flurry of activity outside shows. More on that later, but for now, it’s back to day 2. We spotted plenty of Prada, a bunch of Bottega, and more enviably carries. From vintage to under-the-radar bags, keep scrolling to check out what the streets had to offer us on day 2 of NYFW, and in case you missed it, you can see what day 1 had in store here!

The Best Street Style Bags from NYFW Day 2

Chanel Chain Micro Bag
via Fashionphile

Dior Saddle Bag
via Fashionphile

Burberry Lola Bag
via Nordstrom

Coperini Swipe Shoulder Bag
via Luisiaviaroma


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  1. Olivia Penzey Avatar
    Olivia Penzey

    These were so good!! Some amazing street style in here, wow.

  2. psny15 Avatar

    Some outfits are more suited for Halloween 🎃

    1. Guest Avatar

      Friends : Joey wearing all chandler’s clothes

      1. psny15 Avatar

        Hahahahaha so true – I give these ladies a lot of credit for this eclectic outfit choices – it is inspiring me but I’m rather boring myself

    2. Judith Avatar

      Exactly my thoughts, you would think it’s a carnival😂

  3. J B Avatar
    J B

    Love seeing bags in the wild…the fashion choices are bizarre but a great bag makes it all better ☺️

  4. kemilia Avatar

    Looks like everyone watched Emily in Paris and dressed accordingly.

  5. Dave Avatar

    The pic number 25 is a Loewe bag. It is a Spirited Away capsule collection bag with Yubaba’s portrait.

  6. Jerri R Avatar
    Jerri R

    All of a sudden I wish I could throw a fashion-week-themed party.

  7. Sandee Avatar

    A few reminded me when I was 5-6 and raided my Grandma’s closet to put on a “fashion show”, but I love their chutzpah!

  8. Snibor Avatar

    Wow, wow wow. A fabulous parade of bags.

  9. Katie Avatar

    Anybody happen to recognize the round purple and white bag?

  10. Aspen Avatar

    That “Prada” re-edition is SO awful. I don’t know if I should applaud his gall for wearing such an awful fake lmao