If you were scandalized by the price of The Row’s original Alligator Backpack when it launched, you may want to sit down for this news. As we all know, a great way to increase anything’s asking price is to get a very name-y artist involved, and that’s exactly what The Row has done – the brand tapped notorious contemporary artist Damien Hirst for a line of $55,000 custom backpacks, including the pharmaceutical-embellished alligator creation you see above. I hope the bag comes with a couple real Xanax, because you might find yourself in need of some medically induced serenity when you receive the bill.

The bag is a part of a line of nine embellished alligator backpacks, all of which cost $55,000 and are available for order at Just One Eye. A portion of the proceeds is intended for UNICEF, which is nice, but Refinery29 reports that the amount of the donation is at Hirst’s discretion and will apparently not be made public, so I hope UNICEF isn’t holding its collective breath in anticipation of a windfall. You can check out a couple more of the bags and the collaboration’s video below.

Hirst is an artist with a broad and ardent following, so his involvement in this collection likely means that the items will move quickly to collectors and art world glitterati, and perhaps to fashion obsessives with huge budgets who pride themselves on having everything that is ridiculous. And really, there’s no other way to describe what’s going on here.

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  • bryologue

    Oh. I thought it was a “The Row + Yayoi Kusama or Jeremy Scott” collab gone bad. O_O And adding $21,000 more to make the already expensive, original one ‘interesting’… Hmmm… Too bad because it was for a good cause, though. But of course, someone will still buy this.

  • mllep

    There are many artists who might have done something really great in a Row collaboration. This is not one of them. The pill one is the worst of the bunch.

  • Sam

    Even if I didn’t think the bag was ugly to begin with (which I do), anything associated with Damien Hirst would be immediately cut from my list. He has not done anything of merit, artistically speaking. A medicine cabinet and a dead shark are not worthwhile artistic endeavours.

  • FashionableLena

    Never heard of Damien Hirst, but I don’t like contemporary art. Not a fan. It’s just the original backpack with dots painted on and pills stuck on it. And the whole non-disclosure is seems a little shady.

  • PhotoGirl

    Damien Hirst. Of course. His reputation exceeds him.

  • Jennie M.

    I like the gold polka dots. The pill one is going to offend a lot of people….$55,000??? I much rather get on the waiting list for a Hermes Birkin bag

  • Vitta

    Love Amanda’s writing! Backpack – not so much. Primitive? Yes. Art? No.

  • Jon

    I could have embellished the bags myself and donated 100% of the proceeds to UNICEF. Lol.

  • I’m all for creativity and contemporary art, but this doesn’t seem like it required much effort or thought.

  • bir

    i have nothing positive to say besides Vuitton just did spots with yayoi kusama and in all honesty this is simply an add on that does nothing for an already dated concept non interesting bag. i just feel so bad for those gator. because they are so rare and this just ………..i have no words i sooo do not like this bag or the concept or anything about it !!!!!

  • Poppy Rose

    The pill one is more art but like the spotty ones for fashion! :-)