Ok Stella McCartney, I find it completely noble that you choose not to use animal products. I do. And some of your bags are quite lovely. But the prices are exorbitantly high and I simply cannot find myself ever feeling like buying one. Does that mean I would never buy an eco-friendly bag? No. But I feel like Matt & Nat is more of my aesthetic than what Stella McCartney is putting out there.

However, I will say that if you are not keen on actual python skin, you should check out the Stella McCartney Python Print Tote (and tell me what you think below).

Let me share with you why I cannot get on board with this design. Nearly $1,000 for nylon is rather absurd, and this is coming from the gal who talks about high end designer handbags all day long. I suppose the design of this bag itself is not helping, because while it is a good tote shape, it is rather boring. The nylon python-print adorns the bag and there are expandable zip-fastening sides. I simply get an overall blah feeling from this bag. I really like the chain detail tote, but my likings are not finding their way to this bag. Buy through Net A Porter for $995.

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  • Kemji

    I agree. Way too expensive. There is a method to the madness of spending so much money on bags and in my opinion, spending $1k on boring nylon is unmethodical madness!

  • lees

    yes it looks great

  • Abraham

    youre the worst MEGS, a true yummy spot for MOCKERY.

  • Kellyx

    I actually like this bag…functional n chic..only thing is that forking out one grand for nylon is a bit too much..if I were super rich n money was never an issue… I might buy it!!!

  • Celia

    Not my favourite type of bags.

  • merve

    To be honest I think Stella should give up the bag game or reduce her prices dramatically. As much as I commend her for her vegan/ethical lifestyle, there is no way anyone should pay 1k for nylon. Plus unfortunately most bags women covet are in luscious leather or exotics.

    • bisbee

      I agree – I’ve always thought her prices for bags and shoes are outrageous! I do expect to pay for great design, but the cost of the materials should be realistically reflected in the pricing as well!

      • Nat

        couldn’t agree more

    • Seconded.

  • michelle_71

    Thank you very much. I was thinking the same thing when I saw this on Net-a-Porter. I understand she is Vegan, but the value of her bags or vegan products should not exceed those of animal products. Then again, she has a niche market and well you are paying for the name and the brand.

  • IrisCole

    I don’t really understand why Stella McCartney’s bags are so expensive either. If she wants more people to buy animal friendly bags, why aren’t hers less costly? You can get a Prada nylon tote or an LV neverfull for less than this…

  • Jennifer

    I agree on the absurd price of her bags in general. Maybe if she took some of those proceeds towards the bags and put it back into an animal charity …might make it more appealing and worthy to some.

  • Demi

    So much money for a nylon bag…? You can find bags made of genuine leather that cost less than this one… Besides, I’m not feeling at all the handles… nor the chain-thing in the middle. Maybe it’s just me, but I’d never give that much money on a bag made of nylon!!!

  • arlene

    Have you ever heard of Hemptress Handbags? They are WAY more eco friendly than Stella McCartney’s and WAY less expensive they retail between $79 and $198. All are made out of hemp and some are also vegan. Check it out at http://www.thehemptress.com

  • Ann