On the one hand, fur bags are usually atrocious, not to mention dubiously ethical. On the other hand, they’ve certainly given me plenty of fodder for posts and given you guys lots of stuff to talk about (or, more accurately, to talk smack about), so maybe they’re not all bad.

The Dior Libertine Fur Hobo, though, is pretty awful. Not only is it pink, but it needs a good conditioning treatment and a blowout something fierce. Much like the Lanvin pumps I posted about recently on TalkShoes, I feel like I shouldn’t have to pay such an exorbitant amount of money for a bag that needs a salon appointment.

Not that the bag would have been any more attractive with a different kind of fur – it likely wouldn’t have been. Fur, as we’ve discussed before, is inherently a difficult material with which to create shape or structure, which really ignores the entire design purpose of bags to begin with. Almost every fur bag I’ve ever seen has been a hairy, messy, overpriced blob, which doesn’t even begin to touch the ethical issues that are involved in making such atrocious purses. If you love fur, stay away from the bags and stick to coats or vests. Better yet, invest in a few fun faux pieces – at least they won’t break the bank as much as this puffy, pink bag blasphemy will. Buy through Neiman Marcus for $4600.

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