On the one hand, fur bags are usually atrocious, not to mention dubiously ethical. On the other hand, they’ve certainly given me plenty of fodder for posts and given you guys lots of stuff to talk about (or, more accurately, to talk smack about), so maybe they’re not all bad.

The Dior Libertine Fur Hobo, though, is pretty awful. Not only is it pink, but it needs a good conditioning treatment and a blowout something fierce. Much like the Lanvin pumps I posted about recently on TalkShoes, I feel like I shouldn’t have to pay such an exorbitant amount of money for a bag that needs a salon appointment.

Not that the bag would have been any more attractive with a different kind of fur – it likely wouldn’t have been. Fur, as we’ve discussed before, is inherently a difficult material with which to create shape or structure, which really ignores the entire design purpose of bags to begin with. Almost every fur bag I’ve ever seen has been a hairy, messy, overpriced blob, which doesn’t even begin to touch the ethical issues that are involved in making such atrocious purses. If you love fur, stay away from the bags and stick to coats or vests. Better yet, invest in a few fun faux pieces – at least they won’t break the bank as much as this puffy, pink bag blasphemy will. Buy through Neiman Marcus for $4600.

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  • Kellyx

    If only designers read this blog , they would realise how much people actually hate fur, or at least, hate to see fur on a bag.

  • 19yearslater

    Ugh, what’s with all of the crimpy fur on accessories? The handle looks out of place as well, so this purse really has nothing going for it.

  • lucy

    Omg, I haven’t laughed that hard in months! And then when I clicked on the Lanvin shoe link, it was game over. Its been a bad day at the office and the laughs over this post just lowered my BP by a good 15 points! Thank you, Amanda.

    PS: Yes, its atrocious and that someone killed some poor creature to make it is that much worse.

  • michelle ( another one)

    eww sit doggy sit

  • Laura

    I cannot believe Dior made such an ugly bag.

  • !!!

    i kinda like it in a sick-depraved-marla-singer sorta way. um but i would never buy it or use and yes, fur on a bag is retarded. it’d be good for a glam grunge look.

  • babe

    oh! my! god! did anybody read as far as the price? and: you definitely have to click on the Lanvin pumps link, that really drove me over the edge. One of a kind.

  • Jen

    My 2 golden retrievers’ ears look like this after they have gone swimming, so I associate this look with the wet dog smell. Not pleasant.

  • MAX

    I just go buy a dog and put strap around him/her then carry to shopping mall

  • Bagolicious

    LOL! What a disaster. And whoever walks down the street with that bag might get chased by the dog catcher!

  • mochababe73

    I am one of the few that actually likes this bag. I’m sure that I’ll get slammed for this by the anti-fur nazis. For me, I think that it has more shape than some of the others featured. I like the color and the handle.
    Maybe if the fur were shorter, it would be more appealing to some.
    I can’t believe that I like it. However, I do think that the pretty handle is wasted on a bag that more than likely no one will buy. And, I am not a fan of faux fur.

  • Brandon

    You said that this bag has faux fur, but I see it in a like tan or sandish color. Is that just me or did you use another picture to show that bag that isn’t in a pink fur ?

    BTW, I kinda like the bag but I think it’s sad an animal had to die for it to be made :/ Only if designers would promote more faux fur bags !

    • It’s a subtle pink, but it reads pink to me. The official color name is “rose,” so it seems that they intended it to read pink.

  • handbags on sale

    However, I do think that the pretty handle is wasted on a bag that more than likely no one will buy. And, I am not a fan of faux fur.

  • dierregi

    :-) :-) :-) This was one of the funniest reviews ever!!!! “a bag that needs a salon appointment” …so well said, thank you !!!!

  • Sonya

    First time for everything, I never thought I would see a day where I did not like something by Dior, but this one is the straw that broke the camel’s back.

    I’m sorry, the handle is ugly and so is the bag. Sorry!!!!!!!!

  • V

    OMG!! It looks like a big hairy animal…I mean it!!


    Now the handle on the bag is real cute, fur, no go!!!

  • James

    Lot’s of fur bags this fall, just watch. This one truly is unattractive though. Foley + Corinna had a curly lamb that has longer fur than this and it is a crossbody. Theirs is really cute and MUCH easier to afford!

  • Mama M

    It doesn’t need a handle — it needs a leash.

  • T

    Maybe this bag is more fitting for Wilma Flinstone!

  • Hiew Mui

    frankly i really like it,the color,the handle,the design….all of them are well-made.
    i just dont understand,some people think that its cruel killing an animal to make a bag,but they have some fur coats in their closet( does it mean its not cruel to kill lots of animals just for a coat).

  • linnache


  • Double Dee

    I love this bag, I just saw a girl with it in Vegas and I was like “I have to have that purse”. But then saw the price and was like oh well. It looks soooo soft.

  • Delpha

    If you don’t eat meat then good for you! However, it’s not like they only killed the animal for the fur like a fox!
    This is a sheep, meat fur and leather! You don’t like it pretty simple, don’t buy!
    It’s gorgeous in black!

  • Jelita78

    oh this is HIDEOUS !
    with all capital letters!!

  • Michelle

    I’m not hating the bag (look) as much as everyone else. However, I would never purchase it due to the fact that it is fur. I love teh animalz. (ipad)

  • tasha

    It is lambswool – not fur. No different to a jumper. Get real people

  • Pari

    Its beautiful, I own Dior Libertine lambskin bag and I’m in love with the bag!