The Chaiken Diaper BagI wrote about the Rebecca Minkoff Knocked-Up Baby Bag last week for PurseBlog Savvy, and ever since then, I’ve been on the lookout for some kind of not-awful baby bag to write about for you guys. What I’ve realized in that time is that what might not pass for a cool handbag will often be totally awesome, compared to the other available bags made for the same purpose. That’s kind of how I’m feeling about The Chaiken Diaper Bag. (Side note – has anyone ever seen Chaiken make a handbag? I’ve never seen them for sale anywhere. I checked their brand website, and this bag is literally the only thing they have in their online store. I’m perplexed). If this were just a regular tote bag, I would think that’s it’s decidedly “meh,” despite the fact that it’s made from lambskin. But call it a diaper bag, and it’s suddenly the least offensive diaper bag on the planet (well, nevermind, I still like the less-expensive Minkoff version better). With the addition of a baby bag being possibly the most significant handbag adjustment of a woman’s life, why aren’t there more good options out there? Buy through Saks for $550.

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  • QueenMAB

    I think it’s a great color! Looks like it has lots of pockets, also a plus. and a great price point. Great find!

  • Cate

    I love the hard bottom zippered pocket at the base. I have a gym bag like that and it’s totally super convenient. Which, although you want style in even a diaper bag, useability slightly overules it with a diaper bag…

  • Carolyn

    Cute. I love diaper bags that don’t look like diaper bags because they are great for school. It can carry all my stuff with the pockets. The zipper at the bottom is kinda different.

  • bc

    As a mom in search of a ‘great baby bag’, I totally agree that it’s really hard to find the one meets our needs and still looks good. Is it too much to ask for, when we carry the cutest little thing in the world in one hand already?? =)

  • karin

    i think its cute; tod’s has a cute diaper bag, i believe its available at; quite pricey, but it would make a cute tote after you are finished with the baby phase of your kids life…

  • stella

    Very pretty. The purple leather looks delicious, soft and simply beautiful. I’m not big on spending more than $40 on a diaper bag, but these high-end designs are tempting me. Maybe once I have a kid I might have to force myself to get one. XD They’re looking more and more beautiful by the minute.

    Oh, and that Minkoff version is gorgy too! I would take either one. XD

  • Arm Candy Lady!

    Sweet bag & the price point is NOT bag at all…hallelujah!! This bag can certainly work double time as a Diaper bag & just a nice carry all bag!! Nothing like getting more BANG for your BUCKS!!!

  • Thistle

    Megs actually wrote about this bag last year. ;) I liked it then too! It is a lot more fun than most diaper bags and I’ve actually given 2 as baby shower gifts (yes, at massive sale price). I even considered using one as a work bag b/c of the insulated sections.

  • amy365

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  • hazel

    I really like it as a diaper bag, it looks really practical and cute as well.

  • Julia

    I guess it’s better than the diaper bag, but not this color!! Yikes :X

  • Authentic Discount Ugg Boots

    I’m neck deep in this stuff full time. I couldn’t agree more! Very insiteful! Great post.

  • Dave

    Saks may have it for $550 but that definitely is a rip-off price. You can certainly get it at a better price at

  • Baby Diaper Bags

    Caring for your baby is the most important task you can ever undertake.


    Such a classical outlook and design but accompanied with great selling price, considering the affordability of buyers out of this hemisphere! Nice review anyway.

  • Shalon

    Nice color but $550 for something made to hold diapers and bottles?!? No way!! (ipad)

  • kimberly

    I like this diaper bag. I found another great one at website. It’s a good one and affordable.

  • John Carter

    Sweet sack and the value point is NOT pack at all…hallelujah!! This pack can absolutely work twofold time as a Diaper sack and only a decent convey all sack!! In no way like getting all the more BANG for your BUCKS!!!Designer Nappy Bags