Crystalyn Kae Bossa Nova Baby BagAll I keep hearing about is women who are expecting. I bet this is actually some of you ladies, right? It must be spring. Yes, let’s blame it on spring. Either way, finding a diaper bag must be a pain. I know there are beautiful designer bags, but I have noticed that many of them are made of cotton, which is probably a really bad idea when you think of it. Think of spit up, dirty diapers, baby food being slung, and all of that other beautifully clean “stuff” babies do. Don’t get me wrong, I love babies!! But I know they always find a way to make a mess, and I, being the Purse and Handbag Connoisseur, don’t want to let you mommies have your precious bags be negatively affected!

With that being said I ran across this Crystalyn Kae Bossa Nova Baby Bag and that ding-ding-ding, light bulb flashing sort of deal went off in my head. Not only is this baby bag not the typical box shape, it is also washable!! Score! For this one I am going to let the website do all the talking because I don’t want to leave any important information out:

“The striking contrast of metal hardware and draped sashes, punctuate these buttery-soft glazed handbags. Delicately ribbed grosgrain showcases front flap details and lining. The draped strap is cinched into metal rings and attaches with silver snaps to allow for you to wear it long across your chest, or shorten the strap to 18″ or 24″ to tuck under your arm. Inside, 3 elasticized pockets, large enough to accommodate bottles, plus cell phone pocket, PDA / Mp3 player pocket, and inner zip pocket keep everything in place. Zipper closure with snap flap. 15″ tall, 18″wide, 3.5″ deep, 34″ strap – (snaps to adjust to 18″ or 24″). Hand wash in cold water, hang dry.”

So women, let me know what you think! I think this is one of the most practical and stylish baby bags ever. If this bag does it for you, click your way to Virgin Threads and buy it for $145.

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