Its Back to Cool At Coach for Resort 2023

Coach continues to nail its youthful social media-ready aesthetic

When you think of resort wear, visions of lightweight fabrics, beach-ready bags, and something to remind you that spring and summer are coming immediately comes to mind. Resort hits stores somewhere between the fall and spring collections, during a time when many places of the country are cold and dreary. While resort is geared towards those planning mid-winter getaways or dressing for holiday gatherings, at Coach, resort means one thing: winter.

“We don’t call it resort. We call it winter.” -Stuart Vevers, Creative Director at Coach

Something to be Excited About

The Coach Resort 2023 collection was presented earlier this month, in the heat of New York City summer, but the looks instantly make you feel ready for crunching leaves under your feet, winter’s first flurry, and a piping hot oat chai latte. There are plenty of deep winter hues, like emerald green, dark brown, black, and red. Then, there are velvet and plaid accents too, which appear on bags throughout.

As for the bags, they are a return to Coach’s heritage, something that Vevers and the team continue to focus on. There’s the iconic Coach Rogue Bag, as well as new silhouettes like an Alma-esque top handle bag and vanity bags. The overall feel is very youthful, something that Coach has been an expert at tapping into—the Gen Z audience, cultivating an entirely new generation of Coach lovers and nailing its youth-focused aesthetic.

Coach has been primed for its comeback for the last few years, but the Coach we once knew is different now. Its growing popularity amongst fashion’s youngest shoppers can be attributed in large part to the ’90s and Y2K trends, something that Coach continues to hone in on season after season. For resort, that carefree youthful feel continues. Maybe everything that Coach is doing isn’t for everyone anymore, maybe it isn’t even for most of us here, but it’s refreshing and exciting to see the brand find its niche again. There’s also a sense of pride and nostalgia for this next generation of Coach shoppers.

View our favorite looks from the collection below and check out more via Vogue Runway.

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coach resort 2023 1
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Coach Resort 2023 4
coach resort 2023 10
Coach Resort 2023 5
coach resort 2023 6
Coach Resort 2023 6 1
Coach Resort 2023
coach resort 2023 7


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  1. Candee Avatar

    I can’t help but see copies of the Louis Vuitton Alma, Nice PM, and Sablon.

    1. Zoe Avatar

      Me too! Did a double check to make sure I was reading about coach.

    2. galariel Avatar

      I think that Coach is a great option for these styles as opposed to buying counterfeit goods. The quality is high and its a unique alternative in the same shape.

      1. Kitty Silver Avatar
        Kitty Silver

        Agree, LV is way overpriced. I’m glad that I’ve completed my LV collection years ago. Even better that brands like coach exists

  2. Sunny Avatar

    whoahhh, that LV alma bb copycat.

    1. Dustin Avatar

      But in leather and 1/10th the price 🫢

      1. Candee Avatar

        And made in China.

      2. Dustin Avatar

        What does it even mean though? LV is made USA, Spain, France and Italy… does it matter for quality? No. People have LV monogram to show they once had $2000.

      3. Dustin Avatar

        Also it’s sad when people complained about it saying “made in Spain” as if that was such a big deal.

      4. Cam Avatar

        Yes, and classy affluent women rarely if ever, carry the LV monogram bag. Especially the very commonly seen Metis or big tote that a lot of suburban moms seem to carry. Where’s the originality anymore.

      5. galariel Avatar

        You prefer the Chinese employee get on a plane and go to Italy before they make your bag? I have news for you…

      6. Sheila Avatar

        Very interesting article.

      7. Laura W Avatar
        Laura W

        hardly the epitome of a well made or well referenced article.

      8. Craig Avatar

        Don’t you know LV also has secret manufacture in China? Used to be in Singapore but moved to China.
        Alma is one of the classic style design not belong to LV origin at all!
        However Coach products are far better than LV, Chanel or Dior.

      9. Laura W Avatar
        Laura W

        Gosh really? Proof thanks

      10. Shelby Avatar


      11. Cam Avatar

        Made in Indonesia and Cambodia , at least that’s what my tag reads!!!

  3. Yazi Avatar

    Very cute. Might get one or two of these.

  4. psny15 Avatar

    How is this cool? Looks Halloween scary to me

  5. kang504 Avatar

    Want the double strap shoes in tan.

  6. macroblue Avatar

    I’m not sure I understand the vibe Coach is going for here. Half those girls are wearing toddler dresses with white tights, Mary Janes, and lunch boxes. They look like four-year-olds. Who is supposed to be attracted to this? I’m very creeped out.

  7. HMB Avatar

    Love this reference back to the mid 90s grunge/babydoll aesthetic and will definitely be making some clothing AND bag purchases from them this fall. I agree with many of the comments that Coach is exceptionally well made and the quality is incredible for the price point. Owning many LV, Chanel, Prada, Gucci, Celine etc bags, my daily go to is still Coach. Recently spilled ice cream on my glove tanned leather and despite trying to condition the stain out myself, I couldn’t do it. Took it to my store and they removed the stain and conditioned my bag for me while I waited. Excellent customer service and paid nothing to boot. Not to mention I bought my favorite every day bag on sale for under $200. I like that their aesthetic is returning to a cleaner, more leather based look. They always excelled at it, and still do.

  8. Aspen Avatar

    Lunchbox! I just sold my vintage brown one

  9. Suzanne Avatar

    I couldn’t hate the plaid and the styling of all this more, but I like all the bag silhouettes. Will be interesting to see what other solid leather colors get released in stores.

    As someone who’s been eyeing the Alma but doesn’t really want to fork over the money for it, I’m very excited about the lookalike actually. I’m hoping they do that one in some good solid colors.

  10. fringe_now Avatar

    Does anyone know when the clothing pieces will hit the store/online? thanks!

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