Everyone seemed very enthusiastic about the Marc Jacobs Safety Pin Stam that we talked about last week, even though I was personally feeling a little bit Stammed out. Well the very next day, this bag right here appeared on the Internet, and relations between Mr. Marc Jacobs and I once again returned to normal. Because I love, love, love the the Marc Jacobs Safety Pin Clutch, particularly in this uberchic combination of blue and black (which may be my second-favorite color combination of all time, after dark red and black).

Marc Jacobs Safety Pin Clutch

The way that the material is faux-wrapped and then safety pinned in place in the center of the clutch reminds me a lot of a traditional Obi belt, but it’s not so literal and obvious that it will be out of style when the Japenese influence that we’ve been seeing in some parts of fashion lately runs its course. The safety pin is oversized enough that everyone will notice the clutch’s cheeky little details, and of course it’s a great (but understated) way to reference this season’s 80s punk inspirations. I haven’t liked one of Marc’s clutches this much in quite some time. Buy through Nordstrom for $595.

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  • louise

    I´m sorry but that is one of the ugliest bags i´ve ever seen, NO thank you!

  • pursemonkey

    Amanda, you hit the nail on the head with the Obi reference. And the color combo is beautiful, especially with the gold safety pin. I’m not a huge fan of the safety pin line but I can appreciate its appeal. If I were to own an item from that line it would definitely be this clutch. I always think “cheeky” details are fun on smaller bags and SLGs. I’m looking forward to seeing it IRL as the leather looks amazing! It’s also gorgeous in green:-)

  • renee

    Looks like Eeyor’s butt.

    • olivia

      hahaha yeah it does! Eeyor’s butt

  • tadpolenyc

    actually, eeyore’s tail was kept on by a nail not a safety pin. that aside, i, uh, still can’t see the reference. sorry. :)

  • Debbie

    I love this madly, seriously. I love the stam too, but this is even better.

    @renee: it’s spelled “eeyore.”

  • renee

    People who live in un-spell/grammar checked houses shouldn’t throw stones. :)

  • pursemonkey

    Hey, we said it was “cheeky”;-)

  • handbag mama

    I LOVE it! Very cheeky!

  • tadpolenyc

    hey, some people are very protective of eeyore. i can see why. he’s two hunny pots away from hanging himself by his detached tail.

  • lllfashion

    omg! im having safety pin nightmares!!!

  • Sarahp

    This blue is gorgeous and stunning. I want to lick it like a lollipop.

    I wish they had produced it with the stone and the photograph (and a long removeable strap). I love the whimsy and cool of the oversized pin, on something like a clutch that I normally think of as a very ladylike accessory. I appreciate that, since i’m no lady.

  • JJ

    I was not a big fan of this line when I first saw pics, but once I saw them in person my mind did a complete 180 degree turnaround! The leather is so wonderfully soft (it doesn’t have a metallic sheen like it looks in these pics) and the safety pink detail is the perfect “quirky” touch. I like it better on the smaller pieces like this clutch and the smaller Stef bag (which has a chain strap!). I’m still not crazy about how they look on the stams. There are 2 pins there w/no stones. The pin is the center of attention on the clutch and Stef bags, while on the larger Stam bag it looks more like an aside. Like it was an afterthought to put it on there. I think one larger pin (w/a stone on it) might have looked better on the stam than the two smaller pins w/no stone do.

    As for the clutch, LOVE IT!!

  • Danielle

    safety pins are for cloth diapers!!

  • Allison

    i love these, i want one, just trying to see if i can afford one, and what color to choose!!

    danielle… modern cloth diapers don’t use safety pins, that is very 1950s. and the moms that do use pins, don’t adorn them with stones.

  • roro

    Again, gorgeous! Love all of the MJ safety pin bags. This is a collection that you will either love or hate. I happen to love this line and I plan on adding the safety pin Stam to my collection this weekend.

  • Sinful Dresses

    Gorgeous!!!! Perfect for me.

  • tadpolenyc

    cloth diapers?! if i had a kid, i’d buy them huggies with the adhesive. it seems so much easier. changing diapers is a trial in and of itself. i don’t need to prolong the process by fiddling around with safety pins! i mean, it would be akin to buying stamps you have to lick (and tastes like ass) instead of getting the infinitely superior sticker ones. no one would do that, right? that would be unfathomable craziness!

  • dacs

    I think I would prefer this over the Stam just because the saftey pins seem more proportionate to the clutch than it is on the Stam.

  • ameliamasniari

    not my personal taste… the safety pin should not be there…. sorry… ugly…

  • Merve

    I like the colour and faux wrap around but the safety pin is totally ick!!! Are people really arguing over the spelling of Eeyore and whether safety pins should be used on nappies? Bizarre.

  • tadpolenyc

    merve, lighten up. a little humor goes a long way.

  • Merve

    Here we go again. I meant bizarre as in out of context :)

  • miko

    im sorry.

    the safety pin Stam was allright, but this safety pin Clutch is FUGLY! i do not like this at all! booooop!

  • spacey

    Why does everyone hate the safety pins? I was OBSESSED with safety pins all through my adolescence so to me they just scream funky-dream-bag come to life! I didn’t have the means to buy and designer safety pins for myself when I was 14 so the fact that they have appeared again just makes me so happy!

  • Barms!

    Kitten aside, I think the Marc Jacobs safety pin line has just enough funk. Its Not your average tom, dick or chloe. I like that its not stuffy. Its elegance without snobbery. Its for the young, or the young at heart. And for goodness sakes people its has a safety pin through it. Whats not to love? Its for all the people who had safety pins through their jeans, their backpacks and for sake of argument, their noses. You dont have to understand it, just appreciate it for what it means to someone esle! A work of ark! nuff said.

  • Barms!

    *of art… hey I never said I proof read

  • renee

    Watch out!!! The grammatically incorrect spell checkers are gonna get you!!!!! LOL!!

  • bagKrazy!!!

    absolutely heart dis purse!!especially the safety pin detail,way cuter than d stam!

  • sassy

    I was gifted with the tote that is the Mama to this clutch – I can’t find it anywhere else. It is UNBELIEVABLE!! It is a beautiful plummy/purple and black with 2 huge safety pins. Cheeky – Yes!

  • Kendra

    Looks like a diaper? (fb)