Ever see a handbag you like, and then realize it has one thing so egregiously, terribly wrong with it that it almost makes you palpably upset? Like you were so close to finding a handbag oasis in the desert, and then it turns out that, by a single cruel twist of fate, that it was all just a mirage?

Yeah, I kind of feel like that about the Marc Jacobs Frame Wallet Sequined Purse.

Marc Jacobs Frame Wallet Sequined Purse

This bag was so close to being the cute, 80s, glam rock evening bag that I so wanted it to be. I can almost taste it. But then it looks like someone stuck your grandmother’s mauve billfold wallet to the back of it, and it’s ruined.

Not only is it ruined, but it’s basically a bag mullet, but in reverse. The party is in the front, the business is in the back. And since that idea doesn’t work for hairstyles, I’m not sure why any designer would think that a similarly-structured bag is a good idea. Pry the wallet off the back, and I’m absolutely sold on the high-wattage sequin clutch that would be leftover. As it is, I wouldn’t touch this with a ten-foot pole. Buy through Net-a-Porter for $595.

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  • otter

    Price it right and market it to nursing homes and airport smoking lounges across America and he’ll have himself a real hit. I’ll skip this one.

  • Jane

    It truly is a mullet purse.

  • T.Nicole

    wow. completely ruined.

  • tadpolenyc

    i agree. i don’t like this. however, the stam version is great, but i know you’re sort of sick of all the many stam iterations, amanda.

    • I actually wrote a post about how much I liked the Stam version when I first saw it, but everyone told me I was crazy. I just like sequins in general, I think. I saw a pair of black sequined leggings at the mall yesterday and nearly died of want.

  • Pandor@

    The 80s rock in general ’cause we were younger then.

    But this particular purse looks like smth I’d have done at the age of 9 in a summer camp. It’s not “Debbie H. punk”, nor “Courtney Love let off the leash” stylish.

    Just too plain ,imo.

  • Daniellaxo

    This bag is a full on Monet, it definately catches your eye because of the amazing color and sequins…but a closer look and it’s a mess…what a shame

  • justdoitfalcone

    Everyone has different views on each person.i think it’s to plain.

  • Kendra

    Perfect for the night out! (fb)

  • Nicole

    Oh gawd, you’re so right, Amanda!!! This bag would be perfect wo the cra-cray billfold in the back!


  • Naggy

    I don’t care for the sequins, but this clutch is overall not bad; I like the pop-up wallet. (ipad)