While the time of “it” bags is surely over, there are still hit bags that continue to grab our attention each season. Last year we were all handbag-star-struck by the Chloe Paraty bag. First spotted on Katie Holmes, the bag could not stop generating buzz. Who is it by? When it is available? Is there a wait list? Everyone had to have this particular Chloe Bag.

I still love this bag and prefer it in python, like all of the hot stars continue to sport. The color of choice is black python (pictures of Rachel Zoe continue to surface with her sporting hers). When this handbag came out it caught our attention, it drew us in, and we all were loving it. Is this just a bag of last year or is it a bag that is here to stay? What do you think about the Chloe Paraty now?

Buy through Net A Porter for $3820.

Chloe Paraty
Chloe Paraty

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Share Your Thoughts With Us

  • Stelladog

    it’s a spectacular bag…. I still covet one <3

  • Michael St. James

    I LOVE this bag and the python version is TDF!


  • Daneka

    Its amazing & I still Love It! :)

  • bagloveralways

    I touched one and the python is sooo soft!

  • Mika

    It sure is unique enough – but I don’t think it’ll turn classic – the Sally will though…or so I hope =)

  • Beth

    It’s a beautiful shape and the python is lovely, but I just can’t do snake skin. Or Croc. And unfortunately, one the skin leaves so does some of the magic. Still a nice bag, but not as memorable.

  • LDJ

    OMG!!!! Me Likey!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Kay

    It’s still beautiful, but I’m over it. I’m loving the new Bottega black twisted Karung bag, and the new Dior black Granville medium tote. My eye goes to the new and exciting…The Paraty is so last year…

  • Jane

    I still love my Paraty. It’s my workhorse bag because it makes any outfit polished.

  • Jess

    I’ve never cared for this bag. I find the shape awkward.

  • Alia

    I love it and bought the 3 python colors black red and grey.

    • Catt

      same here. i absolutely adore it but I only have one, the red one. It is also my workhorse. My bf said Paraty is my sm bitch. Kind of feel sorry for it. But it is sure practical and stylish at the same time :) still very much in love with it after 2 years!

  • pursegirl99

    have it, love it, worth every penny!!

  • Neil

    I don’t know, I’m just not all that blown away by this number… It’s a nice bag don’t get me wrong, but I guess for me the price of Python skin doesn’t seem worth it. The design whilst being alright, doesn’t really inspire me.


  • leslie

    I love this bag! My husband would die if I spent that much on a bag though :(

  • Laura

    You are so right Jane! This bag really perks up almost any outfit!

  • juls

    this is da bomb!!!!

  • soooooon

    wow…….i really wanna get this..but not cheap

  • Sara

    This bag is very trendy and will surely not have staying power.

  • Yun Fan

    I love it! The more I look at it, the MORE I love it!! But I can probably only afford one when the “heat” has passed, maybe in another 6 months to a year lol

  • ioanna

    i ve never fell in love with a bag like with this one before!!!!!

  • Linh

    Bought it and stilll loving every bit of it. So functional yet still so chic

  • Loquita

    I am not in general a fan of exotics, but I have to say that there is something about the Paraty Python that fascinates me. It is beyond gorgeous, and so unique. I happen to disagree with some here – I *do* think that the Paraty is destined to become a Chloe classic!

  • ginny

    I GOT ONE! well not the python but just chocolate leather, medium and i’m sooo in love with it! (fb)

  • Adrienne Zedella

    how can you people afford these bags? can somebody adopt me please? (fb)

  • Michelle

    This bag has not plateaued and is still worth drooling over – especially the new colors they come in! what i love about this bag is the fact that its simple yet catchy. the shape is different but not overly done. and plus ladies, for an exotic skin bag this one’s a steal! chanel crocodile/snake skin bags go up to $25,000usd!! i mean a chanel jumbo in red ambskin is more expensive than this one – to be precise and i’m sorry i will have to quote in hong kong dollars – i bought a red jumbo for 29,000+hkd and a chloe paraty in medium python is 27,850hkd. just sayin.

  • Michelle

    sorry, that’s *lambskin