Chloe Paddington Croc Satchel

When you think of nearly $13,000, do you think of buying a handbag? Most of the world would say no in a heart beat. The people like ‘us’, the selective group of fellow handbag lovers, would say mmm a Birkin! But would you ever change your mind and say ‘mmmm, a Croc Paddy!’ Chloe is hoping there will be a very elite market to draw in when selling the Chloe Paddington Croc Satchel. Delicately and intricately designed from luscious chocolate crocodile, this satchel shows off golden hardware and the signature padlock closure and tassel with key. The least Chloe can do is offer metal feet to protect the base of the bag. I am under the assumption that the inside is still only lined in cloth, which makes me wonder if the crocodile used to make this bag was a limited edition extinct species. Either way, this Chloe handbag measures 8″H x 14 2/3″W x 7 1/2″D. Pre-order the satchel through Saks for $12,880.

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  • alwayschloe

    Hi! Just got the bag and the whole inside and every pocket is brown leather, no canvas at all. Seems to be made even better than the lizard paddy. I really love it, and I love this site too!

  • Melody

    This really is a beautiful bag!

  • sadie

    I got this bag like in march belive me it is soooooooooooo kewl! i love the crocodile look. its so luxurios and beautiful to have! i love it.

  • Totally Amazing

    Wow! Such a great bag – I had to buy two. One for London and one for Geneva. Does anyone know what shoes would match? Loving it xx

  • laury

    I need some help please I have been given this bag except in a solid mustard color leather. How can I be certain it’s authentic. I have the serial no. where can I check that please?

  • stacie

    omg this looks WOW :?: why do people have a big bag colletion wots wit the obession i mean i onli have bout 45-50 bags is tht ok

  • Naggy

    I do not think the croc works well with this style of bag! (ipad)