In 2002, Chloe released its first line of bags and began the “It Bag” craze with its much-loved Paddington. Fast forward 12 years, and the brand has continued to evolve, releasing a number of highly coveted bags in those intervening years. Still, no bag ever hit the pinnacle that the Paddington reached.

Since 2011, Clare Waight Keller has been at the helm of Chloe, and the brand has generated many a pretty bag in that time, but nothing that’s caused hysteria, or even impressive wait lists. With many designers vying for attention in an already-saturated handbag market, I have to ask, is Chloe losing its edge?

Chloe Cate Bag

Chloe Cate Bag, $1,560 via NAP

The last bag that the brand put a big push behind was the Chloe Baylee, a bag that many anxiously awaited. When it first hit the virtual shelves, it sold out, and we thought the love for the Baylee would continue. It’s been seen on the arms of celebrities including January Jones, Kate Bosworth, Rita Ora, Mena Suvari and Lorde, but after the initial buzz, I’ve rarely heard bag lovers gush over the design.

Chloe Clutches

Chloe Cassie Shoulder Bag, $1,290 via NAP | Chloe Clare Mini Bag, $1,555 via NAP

Today I was thinking about bags I want to buy, and Chanel, Celine, Prada, Gucci and Louis Vuitton are on my list. Chloe isn’t, not even toward the bottom, and Chloe’s lack of popularity right now isn’t because the bags that aren’t nice to look at or the materials aren’t lovely; it has to do with a very competitive market and a lack of pizazz in its designs.

Chloe Baylee Python

Chloe Baylee Python, $3,450 via NAP

I saw the Chloe Cate Bag, a newer release for the brand, and thought it was beautiful. The design is elevated yet wearable, but I didn’t feel a deep yearning for it. The Chloe Baylee continues to be a big push for the brand with new color combinations to lure customers in, and the design is appealing. Chloe will always be a brand that is recognizable by name and design, but while other brands continue to grab our attention and release coveted bags, Chloe seems to have fallen by the wayside a bit.

So tell me, what do you think of Chloe and its bags right now?

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  • missarewa

    I have no feelings (good or bad)) about these bags, and thats never a good thing…

  • Tania

    The good thing is, not many people wear Chloe bags. It feels more exclusive that way, unlike some other popular brands which we can see everywhere we turn our heads.

  • K

    I’m not a fan of Chloe at all, but after seeing those bags on celeb, I’m kind of want to see them in real life. I tried them on and OMG they are so comfortable! The huge strap that looks kind of ugly actually helps support your shoulders when carrying it and not to mention that it’s very easy to use and dig into (for everyday bag). To top it all, the design doesn’t scream brand name out loud making it surely more exclusive.

    • It’s def a beautiful bag, truly!

    • Abbi

      I love the thickness of the strap but i just wish it didnt go over the clips-i feel like the Baylee wouldve been an instant hit if it werent for this.

  • LOLA

    To me, the problem with Chloé is the cohesion. Chloé style is sexy, practical and easy. I’ve never considered Chloé as a luxury brand.
    Cohesion is a big problem at Chloé: the paddington was a huge success and they are still trying to run after this success by releasing it everytime they could (the special edition they did last year). The Marcie & the Paraty are their most popular bag but they don’t fit with bags like the Baylee.
    You know,i really loved the paddington duffle because, maybe for the first time they really succeed in making a bag that was good enough for the future while evocative of a certain era. Maybe their bags needs to have that “chloé lock”. Their bags are kind of anonymous….Even TOM FORD which is younger brand have some recognizable codes.

    Maybe Chloé is too expensive. For me, it’s just unbelievable and impossible to buy a Chloé bag for 2000$. Even their RTW is not so exciting…

    I think that Alexander Wang is going on the same route.

    • Chloe used to have the Chloe look and their bags were easy to spot. I think you are onto something when you speak about a lack of cohesion

  • fashdash

    I love my Chloe Marcie Medium Round Crossbody Bag! its so comfy, and just the right size!

  • twirler

    my chloe paraty is probably my favorite everyday bag. it’s one of very few in my collection that actually gets complimented by people that have no idea what brand (or price) it is. i don’t understand the allure of chasing after the “it” bags of the moment (i.e. celine luggage, etc.)- just so you can have what everyone else does, regardless of quality? chloe actually has MORE allure for me since you don’t see it on every wannabe fashionista in the city

  • Regina George

    The Paraty & Marcie aren’t bad, maybe it’s a marketing problem

  • Edia

    i think that the marcie is the most beautiful bag ever. i do love the marcie…a LOT. in all shapes and sizes. its gorgeous. and i love it.

  • tata

    wow, what a disappointment. i love the paraty and marcie. was hoping for something in that field. something chic yet easy. one reason i loved chloe was that they can be worn with casual attire and look chic.

  • Emily

    I generally don’t gravitate towards Chloe bags, but I fell in love with their Drew bags (particularly the blue colorblock) that I saw on Barney’s website a few days ago. I like the shape, the leather/suede combo, the gold detailing – everything. It’s the first Chloe bag that ever made me think, “I need you.”

  • Sandy

    I remember the Chloe craze, I wanted an Edith bag so badly. I look at the Edith now and I am not sure I even like it. We evolve I guess… I do like the Bayley bag…and if someone gave it to me I would use it…but I do not love it enough to spend the $$. I used to like some of the shoes as well, but nothing strikes me anymore…I guess that Chloe has lost its edge or just Phoebe.

  • kemilia

    I have a red Paddy, which I love, but it is too heavy (I use it at Christmas with a red scarf–all festive and cheery). I liked the Heloise but that was heavy also. The Paraty was nice but I switched to bags that are less heavy (Bals).
    These new Chloes do absolutely nothing for me.

    • Yes, the Paddington was super heavy! Even with the lock off, it’s still a heavy bag

  • Antonia

    I think that ever since the new designer took over, their prices skyrocketed even more and for what? They are simply NOT worth that price! I saw a new Chloe that’s coming out this fall (on Barney’s) and I cannot remember the name of it right this minute but it’s a cross body bag with chunky gold zippers (very Tom Ford-ish) and it’s very edgy and cool but the price is $2500+! I’d rather buy a vintage Jumbo Chanel flap for that price.

  • Lucy

    I love the Chloe Marcie bag but otherwise chloe bags just bore me. The paddington looks really dated to me (sorry to anyone who loves theirs!) and I have seen about 1000 fake paddingtons in my lifetime. For the price point I would rather get a chanel, LV, or balenciaga. Chloe just isn’t on par with all the high end designers IMO.

  • mary

    I absolutely love all my Chloe handbags and they will forever stay in my collection of purses. They’re classic, sophisticated and very well made. I especially love my paddington. Anyone who says that bag isn’t beautiful has problems :)

  • Casey

    Chloe is interesting because everybody seems to know the brand and people still buy Chloe, but it’s always just the Marcie. And for some reason, people still like ETHEL. The Baylee is such a beautiful bag, but at the end of the day, I think people don’t like the zipper chains and the thick strap. It looks good but it affects the functionality of the bag.

    • I think the Baylee looks like a gym bag, a very laid back feel, and most people don’t want to spend that much for such a casual bag.

  • Livo

    I dont have Chloe, and its not even on my list. For some reason it has never called my attention.

  • I’ve never seen a Baylee irl. But it reminds me a lot of a Tod’s bag. Am I the only one? Chloe never caught my eye. The Clare looks interesting but nothing worth buying.

  • Bon

    Honestly I’m tired of the Marcie & Paraty. Neither was anything worth talking about and it shocks me that people still love those bags past their overhyped intro.

    Baylee and Claire bags are cute but the Chloe price increase is ridiculous.

  • Rashmi

    Hi Megs, I really like the Claire bag because the flap is really beautiful. HOwever, I wonder if it comes in bigger size like a medium one. I would love to buy it

    • I like the Claire too – I didn’t see a larger version of it though.

  • I’m not a fan of any of the ones you posted, but I LOVE these 5. I’m obsessed with the Dree bag in the Barbour Khaki. The Paratay, which I was surprised to not see above, also is gorgeous, especially with the thicker straps, in contrasting color, like the one below. I’m not huge on the silhouette of the Baylee, but in the ostrich it’s stunning. The first time I saw the clasp on the Elsie I almost screamed out loud its so cute.

    • chloehandbags

      These are all really nice examples. :)

    • mss

      I LOVE my Chloe Dree bag. I bought it 50% off at Bergdorf Goodman and could not understand why it was on the sale rack (along with all the other colors in this style). It is hands down, my favorite bag ever. It stands up on it’s own, it has 5 pockets and you can put it over your shoulder or carry it on your forearm. I think it’s a lot prettier when filled and BG had them kind of schlumped over. I also like that it doesn’t scream DESIGNER LABEL, but looks like a high quality bag thanks to the gorgeous leather and hardware. There are very discreet stamps if anyone is paying close attention.


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  • Anna

    The Nice thing about Chloe bags are that they are relatively light compared to the classic Chanel’s where the chain is so heavy and the Louis Speedy which I tend to stuff so full that it makes it almost impossible to carry.

  • Mia

    I am surprised. I felt like Chloé is getting better. More sophisticated, more 2010’s, lovely detail and hardware. The Paddington bag isn’t bad, but it is not my favorite. I prefer the Paraty or Maisey personally.
    The bags posted are also lovely.

  • chloehandbags

    Looking at most of these examples, I would say yes, it has.
    However, there are still some nice Chloe bags to be had.
    The Elsie is very nice, for example – simple, yet still interesting and pretty, with the lock.
    In terms of their bigger bags, I think they need to go back to producing softer, more feminine designs.
    Chloe and simplicity/utility go well together, but these bags are too boxy and masculine.
    A slightly more rounded, relaxed design is far more Chloe.

  • Renee

    I agree with twirler that my Chloe Paraty gets a lot of compliments from people that do not know bags and ask where they can get one. And I really enjoy my Paraty. That being said, I have not found the latest Chloes to be very alluring at all. I bought an Alice the other day, but I am probably going to return it – I found a gaggle of them in Barney’s Warehouse and so, I am done with it. I like items that are different, unique, and I will pay for it. My handbag collection is large, and I consider them an investment in myself and I watch for resale values, and if I see them too often in “re-reveal” stores, I will start to shy away from the brand. Chloe is one of those brands, I’m afraid. I even had a discussion with some gals about the designers like Marc Jacobs, Chloe etc that took the junior route (See by Chloe, Marc by Marc Jacobs) and how it really brings down the brand. Chloe needs to get it together, withdraw, regroup, and relaunch something amazing to rebrand itself as luxury and coveted, instead of being one level up from Coach (and I do like some of Coach, not knocking Coach!). I definitely feel that Fendi pulled itself out of the Zucca rut (love the monsters/bugs!!!), Prada is still working on it (but their shoes are amazing!), Dolce and Gabbana has the unique one-of’s (I bought the alligator/fur one), Chloe can do it too. I agree with another OP that Chloe is more on the rounded, soft feminine look, no one is really rocking that, so maybe they should go back to their Marcie routes and see what made that such an enduring success. Just my 2 cents.

  • Michele Suleiman

    I was never a big fan of the Baylee… Kind of a snoozefest compared to its clean counterparts such as the Edith or Alice. I would much rather have the Paraty or Marcie. Those look luxe (and feel) without being over the top or over-hyped.

  • jagmister

    can someone tell if this bag is a fake or if it is real????

  • jagmister

    can someone tell me if this is real or not

  • jagmister

    is this fake or real Chloe bag? can someone help?

  • jamie

    I like the old ones!! Can anyone tell me if this looks authentic or the name? I can’t find it.