Chloe Paddington

Sure, some of you may be totally over the Chloe Paddington, but this craze is still going on to this day. There is something about the chunky hardware, the thick leather, and that extremely heavy lock that makes all the world want this handbag. Face it, this is a hit bag, not just a seasonal trend. If you ask anyone in the fashion industry they will let you know that the Chloe Paddington became a staple in the handbag world, bringing in millions of followers world wide. I still use my Taupe Paddington Tote from time to time, and my beautiful Rouge Paddington Satchel has my attention here and there too. For fall and winter, a lush Chloe Cream Paddington will spice up your wardrobe. The color is defined as sand, but it appears like a creamy treat, accented with gold hardware. The rest of the bag is just like any Chloe Paddington, featuring double top handles, two slit pockets, canvas lining, a key attached to the handle, and, of course, the signature padlock. This may be the color for you if you have been searching for a first, or want to add to your collection. Through NAP for $1540.

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  • littlefab

    I like’s one of the bags in my next wish list…I’m thingking of buying my first Chloe, but still confuse to decide between Paddington and Bay bag :???:

  • Jasmin

    I have this bag and I thought it was ova for it , now that I find it’s not , I will bring it out again in the fall/winter season

  • marion

    This is a fabulous handbag, I also have mine in the rouge/bordeau colour and I must admit that this is one of my fav, I carry it everywhere !

  • Barby

    It is a classic that will remain forever … I ce does come with black details limited edition black and brings good luck with any clothes!

  • chloe lover

    get paddington i recently bought mine nd i looked at bthe bay ones nd there not as nice or popular if your gonna spend the money you want the reactions

  • Ashley

    cream or tan???

    • Zoe Kennedy-Rowles

      def tan I love mine it goes with everything,I think Im going to get the white one for summer I just love it!!!

  • Kayleigh

    Hi does anyone know where i can get a just a loose chloe lock? i got given a gorgeous chloe bag for my 21st but the padlock fell off and ive searched the net but i cant find anything!!!

  • Bag Lady

    … In other words, you want a chloe lock to make another bag look like a chloe bag.

  • Smacko yum-o-rama

    im gonna get this bag this weekend..! yayyy! :wink: