Chanel Paris-Byzance Pre-Fall 2011 (11)

Even though Chanel is a brand with a rich history and plenty of iconic aesthetic elements from which to draw, I think we all get fatigued of flap bags and black and ivory color schemes after a while. Because Karl Lagerfeld is a man worth his enormous paycheck, he seems to be able to sense that feeling within his client base and zig when everyone expects him to zag, which has lead to a freshness and creativity in the past several Chanel collections that continues to delight me.

On Friday, we introduced you to the Outstanding Pieces range from Chanel Paris-Byzance Pre-Fall 2011. Today, we’ve got the regular line of handbags, which are pretty great themselves. There’s a lot of “Chanel” in these bags, more so than in the Outstanding Pieces, and certainly some of them are bread-and-butter sales leaders. But the change in tone that they, along with the bags from the two preceding seasons, represent is a smart and welcome one, even if it’s subtle.

Photos courtesy of Chanel

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  • lovisa

    OMG! wonderful, beautiful! all of them…

  • FashionFanboy

    There’s something about number 7 that I really like! I’m not quite sure what it is, but I really love that coppery shimmer!

    Not quite sure about the material on number 3, though…
    Nylon, along with velour, is a fabric I don’t feel anything for. Not sure why, but to me most garments made out of these materials feel so effortless and that’s something which I don’t appreciate. i don’t like wearing garments that screams “I don’t care what I am wearing”. Although, this chanel bag was, obviously, very well made and doesn’t really give out the effortless vibe, the material still feels off-putting to me.

    And, of course, number eleven is amazing. Although, I do attract more to number 7 due to the fact that it has a special shape, whilst number eleven has the original reissue, but only in a different material.

    I’m sorry for writing a too long comment, I just have a lot to say (which you necessarily don’t need to know about, but then again you read it, so snooze you loose)

    • Write as much as you want! We love good, thoughtful comments and we’re lucky to have commenters who care about the subject matter enough to make them.

  • Alex

    I’m in love with 8!!!!!!!!!!! I don’t know why!

  • Redvelvetloubie

    I love love the #1 but I am not sure if it’s a good buy and will stand the test of time. I have 2 classic Chanel purses, I feel like I need to buy only classics.

  • Stacy

    I appreciate the history of Chanel, I even own a book or two about Chanel, but I just can’t seem to get into the bags themselves. They do nothing for me. The “Quilted” leather turns me off – and I’m sure that in my eyes only, the quilting looks tacky and “granny-fied”. Now as for color alone…I LOVE the COLOR of #7, if only it were done on a smooth leather tote. Oh well, to each their own.

  • Amy

    Maybe these posts came out in the wrong order – after seeing the outstanding pieces, these fail to impress me. :-( I love Chanel! But I don’t feel excited about these bags.

  • Ashleyg

    So while I adore the classic Chanel flaps in black and ivory (my friends call me grandma) I do welcome the updates- particulary 7 and 11. However, at the risk of sounding really juvenile, I think # 5 looks like a butt!

    • Lucy

      #5 does look like a butt. But I kinda like it. I like the color and the simplicity of it.

      #6 is really cool. This is probably the only one I would actually purchase. Love the rhinestone and the clutch design. I’m wondering if you can put the hand thru (under the rhinestone).

      #7 doesn’t do anything to me. It looks like my XL bubble wrapper.

      #11 is not bad. But I have enough reissues already.

      Others are boring to me. Not interested at all.

  • mia

    oh my gosh! the blue reissue is TDF!

  • my name doesnt matter

    i gotta say that the blue sequined bag is stunning, i love how it looks 3d and like trompe de l`oeil at the same time

  • Seejayluvsbags

    Ooohh pretty!

  • MsLabelsofLust

    1,2,5 and 11 are the best…

  • edoardo

    This part of the collection is so so beautiful I do like it is absolutely cooler….amazing!

  • lafashionelle

    why do they have to be so expensive? their prices are raising twice a year :( But, still love all of them!

  • Blaine

    Yes I agree with Stacy, I can’t get into quliting. It’s like a maxi pad or a diaper. In any case, it just feels dated.

  • mab

    The love of my life – CHANEL #10

  • Austinmamadrama

    Love #7.

  • Chele

    The blue metallic is gorgeous!

  • alfred
  • rose60610

    #s 7,8, and 12 are very pretty.

  • imel

    # 8,9, and 12 are simple model. how the price bags ?

  • Marilyn Madeleine

    Like it very much

  • Crazi

    In many handbags,I think the best is Chanel bags.


    How much is the no.3 classic silver flap bag, A50629 Y07200 44230?

    • emerilla

      this one A50629 Y07200 44230 is $1850

  • nedra

    i found a chanel large black and white stripes it says chanel inside on the material and tag also outside of course, my concern it fells like plastic or pleather do you if this could be a real chanel my good friend says no but would like to buy or trade!! any information would be more than helpful to me thank you in advance, nedra

  • yazmin87

    This is very exciting article, read it with deep feeling

  • JingBirkin

    I am so in love with # 11. I wonder how much it costs. Does anyone know?Please?TIA.

  • shoediva

    i just got my metallic blue python no 11 today and it costs about $5700 and it is really beautiful :)

  • JingBirkin

    Thanks shoediva and congrats for having such a beautiful chanel bag.

  • Nica

    I really like #10 does anyone know how much it costs?