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  • Guest

    Such a gorgeous selection! It’s curated by the company Madison Avenue Couture – I have purchased many bags (my favorite is my new Birkin!) from them in the past. So excited two of my favorite stores are partnering up!

  • Charlotte

    omg such an amazing collection!

  • Leigh

    Such a great sale on an amazing collection! LOVE Madison Avenue Couture!

  • Kayla

    Love Madison Avenue Couture, they always have by far the BEST selection of rare Chanel and Hermes bags. Seriously the best of the best to work with.

  • Liza

    Omg…………………. S t u n n i n g . Can I please have them all?

  • Lola

    One word . . . WOW! What an incredible collection of Chanel bags!!!

  • Hanakimi87

    Is the Moda Operandi link not working for anyone else?

    • It’s working for me–what kind of error do you see when you click it?

  • Anum

    Moda operandi link isn’t working for me either :(

  • Susie

    Anyone else find their stuff overpriced?

    • Karen

      They keep raising their price but lowering their quality. I bought a lambskin medium flap and the threads at the jointed part of the chain broke so many times it’s stupid. Even michael kors has better durability.

    • bagsluv

      Yes, very overpriced! Just had the worst experience at a Chanel store in Neiman Marcus today. Purchased my first Jumbo Classic flap bag a couple a weeks ago. I kept looking at the bag and noticed the stiching on the top of the bag had all this little fuzzy stuff coming off. Needless to the bag was defective or something because when I looked at another one from a different Chanel store it was not like that! The SA kept telling me that there was nothing was wrong with it, and said she could send out if I wanted but she dosen’t look at her bags that closely . I ended up just returning it. Disqusted. Sorry needed to rant, but for close 6,000 for a handbag I expect it to be perfect.

  • Imgoingbroke

    YES PLEASE to pic # 27, 31 & 38!!

  • Sofia

    Lmao I can’t believe how ridiculously overpriced their novelty stuff is

  • Jen

    ummm….I’m pretty sure I’ve seen some of those bags at some department store, also its a little overpriced. You might want to call some stores before you overpay them

  • Erica

    I find it incredible that they’re asking for $2k over the retail price for bags that were out last season. Some of them are beautiful, but why would anyone pay 50% more for a pre-owned bag that could probably still be tracked down at a boutique?

  • Rashida

    Wow… Lovely… But too steep for my blood!