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  • E Cooper

    I love this collection and, of course, it doesn’t hurt that they are presented as confections. The bags in slides 17,18, and 20 are wonderful. The clutches in slide 15 are stunning. And I would love to put on a few of these bracelets. I can’t wait to see them in person and hopefully I won’t drool!

  • Sandy

    The Boy Bags are terrific! Not sure about the reissue with the forks and spoons, that is a lot of money to spend on something very whimsical.

  • shopper

    Chanel has a lot of courage which is evident in the risks they take. That’s healthy for a brand.

    Some of these are really pretty yet seem off. The black one in 23 is attractive but the proportions seem to be at odds. The elements look too big and overpower the small bag (smaller chain?). I love the quilting in #21 but the walls of the bag look really thick. Like there is too much bag and it looses its function. The quilting looks exaggerated.

    #20 seems to work well. REALLY pretty.

    Did they seem chunky in person?

    • Sparkletastic

      I agree with your comments. I love the chances they take but they are some question marks in this line. I also love the bag in pic #20. I also love the bracelets with their vintage-y vibe.

      But others here seem off. I don’t care for the bags in #8. They seem to be novelties that went to far to be a standard offering and not far enough to be interesting. Also I really despise the cutlery adorned bag. It looks cheap – not whimsical.

      Overall a decent offering but nothing that is making me start a want list.

      • shami

        i agree with sparkletastic :)

      • shopper

        Very good point raised: fine line between whimsical and cheap. While no where near the price points or prestige of Channel, Kate Spade does whimsical really well. Or maybe one is open to KS’s whimsy because the price is low. High price = high expectations(?)

      • SunnyQ

        I agree with you and Sparkletastic. This is not Chanel’s best work. Some items seem off. And yes! Kate Spade does a great job with whimsical. I think Chanel could too. But it has to be whimsical in an even more fashion forward and intriguing way to be worthy of Chanel – the brand and its price point.

  • PJGambler

    Will always love Chanel, but pic 21 looks like colored bubble wrap to me.

    • SunnyQ


  • Sofia

    Vintage Chanel flaps with GHW used 22kt gold plated alloy. I heard that the recent flaps with GHW don’t use that anymore. Does anyone know what Chanel uses now?

  • Lori

    When will Chanel get a new designer? It would be great to see the classics redone with a new eye. I feel like some of their stuff is really dated…though I know it sells like crazy…so what do I really know? :-)

    • Shami

      i really believe in that too. I see no imaginativeness in any of the designs for the since karl hit the grounds :)

    • AD

      I disagree. Long live Karl Lagerfeld. I love how he uses elements of the history of the brand and yet adds a modern touch.

    • SunnyQ

      Oooh you said what I was thinking. I love a LOT of what he’s done over the years. But, maybe a strong new designer under him can freshen things up a tad?

    • anna

      if you go to a chanel store there are 95% older women… so that’s kind of fits

    • Designerpuff

      rumor from the deep has it Marc Jacobs is being groomed for taking over Chanel…..not sure if i’m excited about that though..

  • shanna_bruch on INSTAGRAM

    amanda, the chanel previews are the best!!

  • Jack Neill

    I knew the bubble wrap bags would be next after the chevrons debuted. Chanel always goes in cycles. Precious designs but very predictable.

  • Averil

    Slide 9 and 10 made me jizz in my pants….

  • bir

    love Karl but its true i need a fresh perspective on chanel.

  • dinabobina

    One of each please! Boy bag may be the favorite, cuffs are to die for and the sequins and crystals, while over the top are definitely sexy!

  • klynneann

    The only piece that spoke to me was the jacket (coat? ) in slide 4 – lovely!

  • i’m never one for a lot of color or for huge logos, but I’m liking the plaid bag in slide #6, and the art deco clutch with the interlocking double Cs in #15 and #16. My love for the clutch in particular surprises me, but I think it’s quite well done. Despite all the gold and shine, I still think it’s rather tasteful. The clutch that looks like a huge makeup compact is also calling out to me.

  • Mariakvamm

    That is… a lot of bling.
    (I rather like pic 22, though.)

  • Winnie Chen

    you can buy this one here http://goo.gl/PLle8H

  • Guest

    rumor from the deep has it Marc Jacobs is being groomed for taking over Chanel…..